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The Shepherd of Hermas

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The Shepherd of Hermas is a Christian work likely from the late first half of the second century. It was considered inspired scripture by some of the early Church fathers such as Irenaeus and Origen, but not Tertullian. The Shepherd was very popular amongst Christians in the 2nd and 3rd centuries, and is found in some Bibles after the Acts of the Apostles. The book is made up of five allegorical visions granted to Hermas, a former slave. This is followed by twelve mandates or commandments, and ten similitudes, or parables. (Summary by ancientchristian) (3 hr 56 min)


Visions 1 & 2


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Vision 3


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Visions 4 & 5


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The Mandates


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Similitudes 1 - 5


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Similitudes 6 - 8


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Similitudes 9 & 10


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(3 Sterne)

very grateful to have this audiobook available but i wish the narrator had varied his tone or cadence a little when reading what is already a dry book

didn't keep my attention

(2 Sterne)

This might be a great book to listen to if you have insomnia! The reader is not quite monotone, but far from expressive.