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In God's Garden

Gelesen von Laura Caldwell

(4,55 Sterne; 20 Bewertungen)

"In this book you will not find the stories of all God's saints. I have gathered a few together, just as one gathers a little posy from a garden full of roses. But the stories I have chosen to tell are those that I hope children will love best to hear." (excerpt from In God's Garden by Amy Steedman)
(3 hr 40 min)


About This Book


Read by Laura Caldwell

Saint Ursula


Read by Laura Caldwell

Saint Benedict


Read by Laura Caldwell

Saint Christopher


Read by Laura Caldwell

Saint Catherine of Siena


Read by Laura Caldwell

Saint Augustine of Hippo


Read by Laura Caldwell

Saint Augustine of Canterbury


Read by Laura Caldwell

Saint Cecilia


Read by Laura Caldwell

Saint Giles


Read by Laura Caldwell

Saint Nicholas


Read by Laura Caldwell

Saint Faith


Read by Laura Caldwell

Saint Cosmo and Saint Damian


Read by Laura Caldwell

Saint Martin


Read by Laura Caldwell

Saint George


Read by Laura Caldwell

Saint Francis of Assisi


Read by Laura Caldwell


Great book! I love it!

(5 Sterne)

The stories were amazing and they were so inspiring to me. I loved this book so much. Isabella (8 years old)


(5 Sterne)

The way each chapter is read completely takes you in, it's as if I am standing right there.

Well worth listening to!

(5 Sterne)

One aspect of this book is the exquisite language the author uses. How I wish I could speak and write as beautifully and clearly as Amy Steedman! She has indeed mastered the English language. It is such a refreshing change from the not-too bright 8th grade reading level we see in today’s media. If I had to choose one story as my favorite, I would pick, “St. Nicholas”. If you love Christmas, you and your family are going to love it even more now. I suggest all families start the Christmas season by reading Amy Steedman’s St. Nicholas; or even better gather round the fire and listen to Laura read it to you. You will be inspired. I found it somewhat humorous that two of the saints in this book were purged by the Catholic Church not long ago for being fictitious: St. Christopher and St. George of England who became a saint by slaying a dragon. But I have no doubt, much of these stories are based on fact and I am sure these unembellished tails would be quite amazing enough. Narrator, Laura Caldwell possesses awesome God given talent as a reader. She is truly among the best there is. I have listened to her read half a dozen books so far.

Did not finish

(1 Sterne)

Although this book is intended for children, I would not give it to children to listen to. I would look to other books instead of this one to learn about the saints of old. I question the veracity of some accounts, which seem more legends than truth. This isn't because I don't believe in miracles, but because some of the incidents really don't ring true, and don't have a historical foundation. Another issue I took with this book was the way many of the saints expressed their faith. There is a huge gap between the Christianity of the Dark Ages and that of today. Denial of the flesh and isolationism were common. Personally I don't see anything spiritual in causing oneself pain, and if I wanted to teach my children about the faith of the past, I'd want to use a resource that put this type of behaviour into context, rather than approving it. Lastly, while the storytelling language of the author is very accessible, when quoting the saints she uses old fashioned vocabulary such as methinks, and thou. Perhaps she thought it was a more spiritual way for them to speak. Many thanks to the narrator for her excellent reading. Sorry I couldn't finish it.

(5 Sterne)

Brilliant book and so easy to listen to. l love it so much as I love anything to do with Religion

(5 Sterne)

Very good I can’t find anything wrong with it(: 20 out of 10