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"The time to which this tragedy relates is much later than that of any other of Racine's historical plays. The capture of Babylon (or rather Bagdad) from the Persians by Sultan Amurath IV, on which the catastrophe of the plot depends, occurred only a year before the poet's birth, viz 1638."
- Summary by the Translator

Cast list:
Bajazet, Brother of Sultan Amurath: VocalPenguin
Roxana, Sultana, the favorite of Sultan Amurath: Matea Bracic
Atalide, a Turkish Damsel of Royal Blood: Availle
Achmet, the Grand Vizier: ToddHW
Osman, Friend of the Grand Vizier: Alan Mapstone
Fatima, a Slave of the Sultana: Jenn Broda
Zara, a Slave of Atalide: Sonia
Stage Directions: Larry Wilson
Editing: ToddHW
(1 hr 45 min)


Act 1


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Act 2


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Act 3


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Act 4


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Act 5


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