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Discourses on the Christian Revelation Viewed in Connection with the Modern Ast…

Gelesen von InTheDesert

The astronomical objection against the truth of the Gospel, does not occupy a very prominent place in any of our Treatises of Infidelity. It is often, however, met with in conversation — and we have known it to be the cause of serious perplexity and alarm in minds anxious for the solid establishment of their religious faith. There is an imposing splendour in the science of Astronomy; and it is not to be wondered at, if the light it throws, or appears to throw, over other tracks of speculation than those which are properly its own, should at times dazzle and mislead an inquirer. On this account, we think it were a service to what we deem a true and a righteous cause, could we succeed in dissipating this illusion, and in stripping Infidelity of those pretensions to enlargement, and to a certain air of philosophical greatness, by which it has often become so destructively alluring to the young, and the ardent, and the ambitious. - Summary by Preface (4 hr 44 min)




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A Sketch of the Modern Astronomy


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The Modesty of True Science


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On the Extent of the Divine Condescension


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On the Knowledge of Man's Moral History in the Distant Places of Creation


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On the Sympathy that is felt for Man in the Distant Places of Creation


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On the Contest for an Ascendancy, amongst the Higher Orders of Intelligence


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On the Slender Influence of Mere Taste and Sensibility in Matters of Religion


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