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Two On the Trail

Gelesen von Laurie Banza

(4,528 Sterne; 18 Bewertungen)

A young family's story of pioneer life consisting of a teenage daughter (Nell) and her younger brother David, aka "Da", along with their dog (Robin), have unique adventures in the heart of the frontier wilderness, where they are thrust into mysterious and dangerous situations of survival amongst Canada's snows.
The Story starts off as the children have been left alone in a log cabin presuming that their widowed father will return in 4 days. Eight days have now gone by with no sign of him. What has happened to their father and can these children survive on their own in their quest to find him, unscathed by the hardships they must endure in the Canadian wilderness? - Summary by Laurie Banza (3 hr 23 min)


The Log House


Read by Laurie Banza

A Surprise that Brings Suspicion


Read by Laurie Banza

Nell Makes up her Mind


Read by Laurie Banza

The Howl Of The Wolf


Read by Laurie Banza

"Little Eyes has a Forked Tongue"


Read by Laurie Banza

Green Eyes in the Darkness


Read by Laurie Banza

A Midnight Battle


Read by Laurie Banza

The Mysterious Camp Fire


Read by Laurie Banza

How the Great Bull Fled for his Life


Read by Laurie Banza

The Camp on the Wolf's Tooth Rocks


Read by Laurie Banza

The Hunters


Read by Laurie Banza

The Flight Continues


Read by Laurie Banza

A Race For Life


Read by Laurie Banza

Rifle Shots


Read by Laurie Banza

In which the Ice Goes out, and the Trail Leads Home


Read by Laurie Banza


No Bickering

(4,5 Sterne)

I've always enjoyed books about wilderness survival, and about self- rescuing youngsters, so this one checks two boxes. These kids are smart, alert, decisive, and so is the dog. It's a satisfying read. The narration is good, too.

Thoroughly enjoyed this

(5 Sterne)

A new author and narrator for me, and I appreciated the work of both very much. A fascinating story of a bygone era. Real but gentle suspense just right for an enjoyable listen.