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The Leader (Dramatic Reading)

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“The trouble with being a Superman, with Super powers, and knowing it, is it's so easy to overlook the unpleasant possibility of a super-superman!”
First published in 1960, this epistolary short story was written by the prolific science fiction author, Murray Leinster (pen name for William F. Jenkins). The majority of the story consists of communications between two scientists. Professor Albrech Aigen is investigating the history of the former despotic ruler of the country, The Leader, while Dr. Karl Thurn is researching psionic abilities (mind control). The character, The Leader, bears a striking resemblance to Adolf Hitler. As a result, the story can be read as Leinster’s allegorical exploration of Hitler’s charisma and his role in causing the evils of Nazi Germany. - Summary by Elsie Selwyn

Narrator - silverquill
Professor Albrech Aigen - Boomcoach
Dr. Karl Thurn - quartertone
Fraulein Lise Grauer - pipes
Janitor - JHedrick
General Johann von Steppberg - philchenevert
Herr Former Police Inspector Grieg - redrun
Prime Minister Winston - alanmapstone
The Honorable Charles Wilberforce - ChuckW
The Leader - ej400
Herr Friedrich Holm - iBeScotty
General Breyer - VOWinch
Herr Theophrastus Paracelsus Bosche - GregGiordano
Dr. Messner - elsieselwyn
Dr. Kundmann - LCaulkins
Colonel Sigmund Knoeller - Inkell
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