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A Miscellany of Men

Gelesen von Ray Clare

(4,595 Sterne; 21 Bewertungen)

Gilbert Keith Chesterton was among the world's most prolific writers who incorporated relentless logic, wonderful humor, and a clear view of truth into an amazing tool for exposing the foolishness of the policies of the world around him through the device of paradox.

It is always great fun, and certainly always a learning experience to read Chesterton. A Miscellany of Men may be his hardest work to define, as it deals with a huge array of issues, using "personal types" as illustration. It would only be bewildering, if there was not these common threads: First that these types still exist, and the same faulty reasoning applies to issues of our day, and second, that underlying all of this is a firm and reasoned defense of democracy in a sense very close to that of the American Founding Fathers. (Summary by Ray Clare) (5 hr 58 min)


The Suffragist, The Poet and the Cheese, The Thing


Read by Ray Clare

The Man Who Thinks Backwards, The Nameless Man, The Gardener and the Guinea


Read by Ray Clare

The Voter and the Two Voices, The Mad Official, The Enchanted Man


Read by Ray Clare

The Sun Worshipper, The Wrong Incendiary, The Free Man


Read by Ray Clare

The Hypothetical Householder, The Priest of Spring, The Real Journalist


Read by Ray Clare

The Sentimental Scot, The Sectarian of Society, The Fool


Read by Ray Clare

The Conscript and the Crisis, The Miser and His Friends, The Mystagogue


Read by Ray Clare

The Red Reactionary, The Separatist and Sacred Things, The Mummer


Read by Ray Clare

The Aristocratic 'Arry, The New Theologian, The Romantic in the Rain


Read by Ray Clare

The False Philosopher, The Sultan, The Architect of Spears


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The Man on Top, The Other Kind of Man, The Medieval Villain


Read by Ray Clare

The Divine Detective, The Elf of Japan, The Chartered Libertine


Read by Ray Clare

The Contented Man, The Angry Author: His Farewell


Read by Ray Clare


So glad I took the time to listen

(4 Sterne)

I learned so much from this book. A great way to be briefed on some of histories real movers & shakers. Chesterton gets to the heart of each of his subjects. Listen to this book if personalities of the past interest you. 4 Stars.


(5 Sterne)

Intelligent, insightful, witty, wistful and sometimes, sad. A great study of man and his strange ways. A few mispronunciations but generally a very good reading. Really enjoyed all of it.