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The Grandfathers' War

Gelesen von Phil Chenevert

(4,643 Sterne; 21 Bewertungen)

Another twisty tale from Murray Leinster about that busy little Med Ship fixing problems throughout the universe. In this case, the med service has received a plea from the planet Pheydra, for medical help take care of casualties from a war that is about to erupt. Since inter-planetary war is of course completely impossible these days, everyone is perplexed but just to be on the safe side, a med ship is sent out to see what the real problem is. Naturally, our hero and Mergatroid are those whose lot it falls to to deal with this sticky situation where a planet's children are at war with their parents. - Summary by phil c (2 hr 34 min)


Part I


Read by Phil Chenevert

Part II


Read by Phil Chenevert

Part III


Read by Phil Chenevert

Part IV


Read by Phil Chenevert

Part V


Read by Phil Chenevert

Part VI


Read by Phil Chenevert

Part VII


Read by Phil Chenevert



(5 Sterne)

This one is a tiny bit out of universe for the med ship man books but it’s pretty good. It is not as good as main ones but read well and just fine. They never even have coffee! Nice to have another one in the series.

Love the med ship stories. Wonderful narration.

(5 Sterne)