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Work: A Story of Experience

Gelesen von LibriVox Volunteers

(4 Sterne; 27 Bewertungen)

It is one of "several nineteenth-century novels [which] uncovers the changes in women's work in the new industrial era, as well as the dilemmas, tensions, and the meaning of that work" The story depicts the struggles of a young woman trying to support herself. The main character, Christie Devon, works outside the home in a variety of different jobs, but the end of her story marks "the beginning of a new career as a voice and activist for other working women". (Summary by Bonnie Lee) (12 hr 47 min)


Preface- Quote & Inscription


Read by Aaron Elliott

Chapter 1- Christie


Read by Andy Yu

Chapter 2- Servant


Read by Wendy Belcher

Chapter 3- Actress


Read by Linda Lee Paquet

Chapter 4- Governess


Read by Darla

Chapter 5- Companion


Read by Linda Lee Paquet

Chapter 6- Seamstress


Read by Daniele

Chapter 7- Through the Mist


Read by Fr. Richard Zeile of Detroit

Chapter 8- A Cure For Despair


Read by Darla

Chapter 9- Mrs. Wilkins's Minister


Read by daisy55

Chapter 10- Beginning Again


Read by daisy55

Chapter 11- In the Strawberry Bed


Read by bethanyjoy

Chapter 12- Christie's Gala


Read by Linda Lee Paquet

Chapter 13- Waking Up


Read by Violet

Chapter 14- Which?


Read by Wendy Belcher

Chapter 15- Midsummer


Read by Linda Lee Paquet

Chapter 16- Mustered In


Read by M. Bertke

Chapter 17- The Colonel


Read by Linda Lee Paquet

Chapter 18- Sunrise


Read by Darla

Chapter 19- Little Heart's-Ease


Read by Jennifer Stearns

Chapter 20- At Forty


Read by Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014)


Please re-record chapter one

(1 Sterne)

This is only a critique of one reader, not the book or recording as a whole. I hope that by being specific, my opinion will be of use. I quit listening because, with his thick accent, the reader Mr Yu doesn't have enough proficiency with English language pronunciation to make the sentences intelligible. Pronouncing the word "the" as "dee" or "duh" sounds like a parody of the author's voice. I appreciate his effort, but the meaning of the entire chapter was lost on me. I skipped to chapter 2 but I'd rather listen to the whole thing at one time so I will look for this book elsewhere. Reading aloud is the best way to learn how to speak a language, but please practice with others before recording for a wide audience.

Thought Provoking

(4 Sterne)

Having just read the fine biography of Louisa May Alcott by Harriet Reisen, I found this semi-autobiographical book very interesting and thought provoking. The sad scene towards the end of the book almost moved me to tears. Thank you to all volunteers who gave of your time to make this audio book. I enjoyed each of your different reading styles and voices.

Excellent story But some readers unintelligible

(4 Sterne)

I could only give 4 stars because quite a number of the readers are simply awful. The story itself is very good and I liiked it enough to persevere through the reading. If you can make it through the first reader, you are good. He is the worst.

(5 Sterne)

LMA is just as good taking on the darker side of Victorian society - the relegation of women to less- than-meaningfull lives, and for the ones without money, grinding labor and misery. many thank's to all the readers, and special thanks to those who made the unforgettable Mrs. Wilkins come alive.

Uplifting Melodrama

(2 Sterne)

Saccharine, melodramatic, contrived as a story can be when the protagonist's greatest fault is working too hard. Yet, it's hard not to root for Christie through her trials and tribulations, even through chapters where the readers chewed marbles as they read.

(0,5 Sterne)

I couldn't stand to listen to more than 5 minutes of this reader! He was absolutely abysmal! I would love to listen to this book, as it seems to be most enjoyable, but only with a decent reader. O, my aching ears!!!

Love the book

(5 Sterne)

Love the story and the reading is easy to listen too. A really good find considering I enjoy Louisa May Alcott writing so much .