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The Moving Picture Girls

Gelesen von Cori Samuel

(4,562 Sterne; 104 Bewertungen)

Ruth and Alice DeVere and their father Hosmer struggle to make ends meet in New York City - times are hard, even for a talented actor like Mr. DeVere. Just as he successfully auditions for a new play, an old voice affliction renders him terribly hoarse and he loses the role. Despite voice rest and medical treatment, Mr. DeVere's voice fails to improve, and it is impossible to find theatre work.

A friend and neighbour in their apartment building suggests that Mr. DeVere tries acting in the moving pictures (which being silent, would not need him to speak at all) but Mr. DeVere considers that business to be common and cheap. However, when they receive an eviction notice, and local shops refuse to extend credit, Mr. DeVere may have no choice ... and where he goes, his daughters will follow.

Summary by Cori Samuel. (4 hr 34 min)


01 - An Unceremonious Departure


Read by Cori Samuel

02 - Russ Dalwood Apologizes


Read by Cori Samuel

03 - The Old Trouble


Read by Cori Samuel

04 - Despondency


Read by Cori Samuel

05 - Replaced


Read by Cori Samuel

06 - A New Proposition


Read by Cori Samuel

07 - Alice Changes Her Mind


Read by Cori Samuel

08 - "Pay Your Rent, or——"


Read by Cori Samuel

09 - Mr. DeVere Decides


Read by Cori Samuel

10 - The Man in the Kitchen


Read by Cori Samuel

11 - Russ is Worried


Read by Cori Samuel

12 - The Photo Drama


Read by Cori Samuel

13 - Mr. DeVere's Success


Read by Cori Samuel

14 - An Emergency


Read by Cori Samuel

15 - Jealousies


Read by Cori Samuel

16 - The Moving Picture Girls


Read by Cori Samuel

17 - A Promise


Read by Cori Samuel

18 - A Hit


Read by Cori Samuel

19 - A Bit of Outdoors


Read by Cori Samuel

20 - Farmer Sandy Apgar


Read by Cori Samuel

21 - Overheard


Read by Cori Samuel

22 - The Warning


Read by Cori Samuel

23 - The Missing Model


Read by Cori Samuel

24 - The Pursuit


Read by Cori Samuel

25 - The Capture


Read by Cori Samuel


warm, touching book, the wonderful reader cori samuel

(4 Sterne)

At first I felt let down by the fact that: "Laura Lee Hope is the pseudonym for numerous writers under the Stratemeyer Syndicate including Edward Stratemeyer (1862-1930) himself, his daughter Harriet Stratemeyer Adams (1892-1982), Howard Roger Garis (1873–1962), and his wife Lilian McNamara Garis (d.1954) who wrote the Bobbsey Twins juvenile series." Ususally, I am not a fan of childrens and young persons books but the moving picture girls was written in 1914 and there is a maturity to it during this ominous and hard time(ww1, wealth disparity, the lead up to the stockmarket crash)which is deserving of a good rating. . Its not your usual Bobbsey twins fare, written by one or two writers of the Stratemeyer Syndicate. Im not that cynical, and my hat is off to that or those writers who wrote this serious book at the beginning and the good old happy middle to ending. Its one of those needed lighter works giving me a break from my Dostoevksy, Turgenev,Eugene O'Neill, et al

great book and reader!

(5 Sterne)

Very enjoyable and had some amusing moments. It’s a less elementary in style than say “Bobbsey Twins” or “Six Little Bunkers” which is nice. I recommend it and with there were more on here! Thank you Cori! Keep up the good work! I also love “Aunt Create’s Emancipation” recorded by the same reader.

great light listening

(5 Sterne)

I thoroughly enjoyed the story, even if it did seem targeted to a younger audience. I would have enjoyed this as a kid, and even as someone in his 60s, it was a nice break from heavier, more serious literature. Beautifully narrated, but all of her stuff is great, so that was no surprise.

Cute book

(3 Sterne)

Not much to it. Intended for children and young people. Interesting stuff on the earliest days of "moving pictures". Very well read. If you're interested in books about the old silent movies, I thought that these two were great: Merton of the Movies and Mollie of the Movies, especially the first one.


(4,5 Sterne)

There are two things that make listening to this book a must. One is the narrator Cori Samuel who brings a delightful voice that represents each character to perfection. Two is the story itself which is rife with humor, charm and interest. Thank you LibriVox and especially Ms Samuel!

sweet story

(5 Sterne)

Cori Samuel is amazing as usual she narrates the story beautifully. the story is very sweet and is stopped from being a little too sweet with real life situations that the girls and their father have to deal with it was very good.

Excellent !!

(5 Sterne)

This sweet old fashioned book, authored by a group of writers that also gave us The Bobbsey Twins, is well read by the expressive Cori Samuel of fame. It is a good listen for a rainy afternoon or a commute. Enjoy!

cute fast moving tale

(4 Sterne)

excellent reader and recording. cute book, suitable for all ages though females will probably enjoy it more than males. learn a bit about the early movie production process as well.