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The Adventures of Maya the Bee

Gelesen von Betsie Bush

(4,636 Sterne; 22 Bewertungen)

The Adventures of Maya the Bee is an exciting tale for children of all ages. Themes of growth and development of courage and wisdom are found, as well as the extreme joy and satisfaction that Maya experiences in the beauty of creation and all creatures. Her ultimate and innate loyalty to her Nation of Bees is acted out in the final heroic scenes. This story gives us the delightful sense of having seen a small segment of the world through a Bee's eyes. (Summary by Brenda Price) (4 hr 29 min)


01 - First Flight


Read by Betsie Bush

02 - The House of the Rose


Read by Betsie Bush

03 - The Lake


Read by Betsie Bush

04 - Effie and Bobbie


Read by Betsie Bush

05 - The Acrobat


Read by Betsie Bush

06 - Puck


Read by Betsie Bush

07 - In the Toils


Read by Betsie Bush

08 - The Bug and the Butterfly


Read by Betsie Bush

09 - The Lost Leg


Read by Betsie Bush

10 - The Wonders of the Night


Read by Betsie Bush

11 - With the Sprite


Read by Betsie Bush

12 - Alois, Ladybird and Poet


Read by Betsie Bush

13 - The Fortress


Read by Betsie Bush

14 - The Sentinel


Read by Betsie Bush

15 - The Warning


Read by Betsie Bush

16 - The Battle


Read by Betsie Bush

17 - The Queen's Friend


Read by Betsie Bush



(5 Sterne)

This is a wonderful story about a young bee discovering the wonders of life. She encounters many fellow insects and is loyal to her people to the end.

I like this one!

(5 Sterne)

This is really really good. It's the first book I ever read - I should say heard - that is told from the point of view of an insect, albeit a personified insect. And Betsie Bush is a superb reader. I'm surprised that no one has reviewed it before. A bee was buzzing around my head yesterday so I talked to it. I talked to it like I was talking to little Maya. I called it Maya and "little girl" - and the bee seemed to like it! So maybe now I can make friends with bees as well as moths (yup, moths)! :)

Good Tale on all Matters

(5 Sterne)

I enjoy hearing Maya's adventures very much. Comprehending the fable is easy, with handsome wisdom the result.