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On the Nature of Things (Watson translation)

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(4,167 Sterne; 18 Bewertungen)

Written in the first century b.C., On the Nature of Things (in Latin, De Rerum Natura) is a poem in six books that aims at explaining the Epicurean philosophy to the Roman audience. Among digressions about the importance of philosophy in men's life and praises of Epicurus, Lucretius created a solid treatise on the atomic theory, the falseness of religion and many kinds of natural phenomena. With no harm to his philosophical scope, the author composed a didactic poem of epic flavor, of which the imagery and style are highly praised. (Summary by Leni) (10 hr 55 min)


00 - Preface and Remarks on the life and poem of Lucretius


Read by Leni

01 - Book I, pt 1 - Invocation and Dedication of the poem. Praise of Epicurus. …


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02 - Book I, pt 2 - Time doesn’t have a real existence. Atoms are solid and ind…


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03 - Book 1, pt 3 - Attack on the theory of Anaxagoras. The universe is boundle…


Read by Leni

04 - Book 2, pt 1 - Praise of philosophy. Properties of the atoms: weight, comb…


Read by ravenotation

05 - Book 2, pt 2 - Attack on those who refuse the theories of Epicurus. Proper…


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06 - Book 2, pt 3 - Compound bodies contain atoms of different figures. The inf…


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07 - Book 3, pt 1 - Eulogy of Epicurus. Denial of divine power over the world. …


Read by Anna Simon

08 - Book 3, pt 2 - The substance of the mind and the soul. The soul and the bo…


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09 - Book 3, pt 3 - Death is the end of man, and nothing should be feared after…


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10 - Book 4, pt 1 - Theory of image. Vision is produced by the impact of images…


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11 - Book 4, pt 2 - Other senses: sound, taste and odor. Imagination and though…


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12 - Book 4, pt 3 - Motion in animals and motion in images. Sleep and causes of…


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13 - Book 5, pt 1 - Praise of Epicurus. The world is not eternal. Heavenly bodi…


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14 - Book 5, pt 2 - Cosmogony according to Epicurus. Causes of the motions of h…


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15 - Book 5, pt 3 - The rudeness of the early life of men. The invention of spe…


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16 - Book 6, pt 1 - Panegyric on Athens. Meteoric appearances in the heaven. Ca…


Read by Leni

17 - Book 6, pt. 2 - Origin of water-spouts, clouds, rain, rainbow, earthquakes…


Read by Anna Simon

18 - Book 6, pt. 3 - About the temperature of waters. About magnets and why met…


Read by Philippa


Hard Work but a Must Read

(4 Sterne)

Really interesting from the view of thought from so long ago, but full of a lot of language that just doesn't mean much any more. Maybe it's all a bit beyond me.

Well read

(5 Sterne)

Most of it is not really interesting nowadays philosophically or poetically, but it is well read

Thank you!

(5 Sterne)

Thank you for this recording!