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Told after Supper

Gelesen von Ruth Golding

(4,612 Sterne; 152 Bewertungen)

It is Christmas Eve, and the narrator, his uncle and sundry other local characters are sitting round the fire drinking copious quantities of whisky punch and telling ghost stories until bedtime, when...

But no, I won't spoil the fun. This is a little gem: Jerome at his tongue-in-cheek best. (Summary by Ruth Golding) (1 hr 17 min)


1 - Introductory


Read by Ruth Golding

2 - How the Stories Came to be Told


Read by Ruth Golding

3 - The Stories


Read by Ruth Golding

4 - The Blue Chamber and My Own Story


Read by Ruth Golding


Thoroughly delightful

(5 Sterne)

I laughed out loud many times while listening to this short collection. Ruth Golding once again gives us a wonderful narration, adding immeasurably to the stories' humor and charm. I just wish it had been longer! Thank you!!

Lovely sotries, lovely recording

(5 Sterne)

There's a long tradition of English Christmas stories, sometimes serious, sometimes humorous, often revolving around ghosts and apparitions. Dickens drew on it in a serious vein in “A Christmas Carol”; here Jerome K. Jerome tells hilarious stories from around an English Christmas fireside. Beautifully read by Ruth Golding. Many thanks for your generosity!

(3,5 Sterne)

Pretty good. I can't help wishing there were more of it, that it ended too soon. But I like the facetiousness & dry humour, especially in the first & last sections,&thw reading is excellent.


(5 Sterne)

The stories are wonderful outshined only buying the reader Ruth Golding. she has captured the Christmas Eve night long ago and told the stories with exhilarating and lovely charm

(5 Sterne)

This is so funny—I have never heard a disgruntled person describe his actions when drunk in dignified detail and say, “I would have thought my Aunt Marie knew me better!” When the narrator commences on his self-defense- which he insists he hates being forced to do!— Ruth Golding is so very funny I was sorry my room wasn’t full of funny people to hear what I was hearing. But covid! Anyway— thank you librivox and P. Gutenberg too.

Simply Amusing

(5 Sterne)

This book is excellently read by Ms Golding, and contains a good portion of humor. I especially enjoyed section 4 's story and it's ridiculous insincerity. Yet, throughout there's plenty of satire. .... My, my drinking seemed to be enjoyed en masse at the time.

kinda boring

(0,5 Sterne)

This book didn't captivate me, sure there was a funny part or two, but overall I found my mind wandering to other things as I was listening. the reading was fine, but I wasn't as enthusiastic about it as the other reviewers seemed to be.

What Great & Spooky Tales!

(5 Sterne)

I love scary stories, especially ghost stories. These are more aligned with dark comedy. Ruth Golding is my newest favorite reader. She is fantastic! Thank you so much for the entertaining stories.