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Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus

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(4,033 Sterne; 46 Bewertungen)

Victor Frankenstein discovers the secret of animating lifeless matter and, by assembling body parts, creates the monster who has no name in the book. Rejected by society, the Monster vows revenge on his creator. (Summary written by Gesine)

Note: Project originally cataloged October 20, 2005. Audio files were volume adjusted and re-uploaded May 3, 2010. (8 hr 16 min)


00 - Letters


Read by Eric Connover

01 - Chapter 1


Read by Carl Cravens

02 - Chapter 2


Read by Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)

03 - Chapters 3-4


Read by ianish

04 - Chapter 5


Read by Paula Berinstein

05 - Chapter 6


Read by Paula Berinstein

06 - Chapter 7


Read by Alex Foster

07 - Chapter 8


Read by Alex Foster

08 - Chapter 9


Read by Mark Bradford

09 - Chapter 10


Read by Mark Bradford

10 - Chapter 11


Read by Karen Labenz

11 - Chapter 12


Read by Karen Labenz

12 - Chapter 13


Read by Karen Labenz

13 - Chapters 14-15


Read by Kristen McQuillin

14 - Chapter 16


Read by Gord Mackenzie

15 - Chapter 17


Read by Gord Mackenzie

16 - Chapter 18


Read by Gord Mackenzie

17 - Chapter 19


Read by Megan-Jane Daniels Suyasu

18 - Chapter 20


Read by Megan-Jane Daniels Suyasu

19 - Chapters 21-22


Read by Gord Mackenzie

20 - Chapter 23


Read by Hugh McGuire

21 - Chapter 24


Read by Hugh McGuire


Missing sentences corrected last week

(0 Sterne)

Original comment from April 2012: The missing sentences in Chapter 6 (section 5) were corrected last week. This was only the 7th LibriVox recording. If the criticism had been so harsh then, the readers might have given up, and not gone on to offer you over 5000 more FREE audiobooks. If this version does not please you, there are now two others... or come and record one yourself. <strong>UPDATED 6th June 2015</strong>. There are now <a href="" rel="nofollow"> FIVE English versions</a> of this book in the LibriVox catalogue. This one was completed nearly 10 years ago - only 2 months after LibriVox came into being. Microphones and software have come on a long way since then. I will see if modern techniques can make any improvement in the audio quality.

put emotion into it

(3 Sterne)

i am reading this for an english class. the audiobook helps me study however, this audiobook is not the best one. the readers of this book are mostly monotone which causes me to fall asleep. i would like for you to put emotion in this. act like this writing is your own. also you are lacking the natural gaps in the writing. it sounds like they don't understand the book themselves. it is as if this is their first time reading this. they need to read faster and slower and raise your voice in the questions like a first grade teacher. this would make this audiobook more beneficial for young readers such as i.

Great recordings, incorrect summary

(4 Sterne)

I use the recordings in my high school classroom. My students enjoy listening to someone other than me reading the novel. I love that the recordings are free and easily accessible. However, your summary is incorrect and needs changing. The creature is not called Frankenstein; Frankenstein is the name of the scientist who creates the being. The person who wrote the summary has clearly only seen the movie and not read the book. You have great materials, so I would like to see you correct this error to improve your credibility.

Missing paragraphs?

(3 Sterne)

I enjoy most of the readers, some could be better. But Chapter 6 is not the full chapter. It starts three paragraphs in, I know that isn't much but it is still missing a part of the chapter that could be extremely important. You will miss that if you are not reading along with the recording.


(5 Sterne)

You guys are soooooo mean! These audiobooks are FREE ... hang on I'll say it again F_R_E_E ... FREE!!! Don't be so judgemental! LibriVox/Archive, you guys are great!!! Awesome job! Thanks for all your hard work, helped me get through this tough book for school :)

Worth the read

(4 Sterne)

i did not care for the beginning, but i grew to enjoy this novel as it unfolded


(4 Sterne)

Really loved the book but the change in narrators at every chapter was annoying.

(5 Sterne)

I thoroughly enjoy this reading every time I listen.