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Second Thoughts Of An Idle Fellow

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(4,231 Sterne; 13 Bewertungen)

A second volume of humorous essays on various subjects, following the success of Idle thoughts Of An Idle Fellow. (Summary by Chris Garbett) (6 hr 53 min)


01 - On The Art Of Making Up One's Mind


Read by Czechchris

02 - On The Disadvantage Of Not Getting What One Wants


Read by Czechchris

03 - On The Exceptional Merit Attaching To The Things We Meant To Do


Read by Czechchris

04 - On The Preparation And Employment Of Love Philtres


Read by Czechchris

05 - On The Delights And Benefits Of Slavery


Read by Czechchris

06 - On The Care And Management Of Women


Read by Czechchris

07 - On The Minding Of Other People's Business


Read by Czechchris

08 - On The Time Wasted In Looking Before One Leaps


Read by Czechchris

09 - On The Nobility Of Ourselves


Read by om123

10 - On The Motherliness Of Man


Read by om123

11 - On The Inadvisability Of Following Advice


Read by om123

12 - On The Playing Of Marches At The Funerals Of Marionettes


Read by David Goldfarb


Wonderfully Read

(5 Sterne)

Chris has a beautiful voice, charming accent, and does a wonderful job at developing the personality of this book. The book is quite a surprise - I have always enjoyed Jerome for his humor, but this is much more thoughtful and full of interesting ideas.


(4 Sterne)

As with many of this author's books, I found much of it funny and most of it entertaining, at least, while some bits seem to have ended up here by mistake and are neither funny or entertaining. However, the beer barrel rocking chair in chapter 3 is so funny that all is forgiven in an instant.


(3 Sterne)

I feel like chapters 9, 10, and 11 might as well have been dropped altogether. I couldn't understand the reader of these 3 chapters. He spoke English HORRIBLY. When considering readers, please use good English speaking readers for books in English. He would have been better suited reading a book in his native language. I'm really disappointed, because I'm really liking Jerome K. Jerome's books, and I had to skip 3 full chapters of this book.