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The Ivory Child

Gelesen von laineyben

(4,681 Sterne; 246 Bewertungen)

Allan Quatermain's first adventure with Lord Ragnall. (Introduction by laineyben) (10 hr 51 min)


Chapter 1: Allan Gives a Shooting Lesson


Read by laineyben

Chapter 2: Allan Makes a Bet


Read by laineyben

Chapter 3: Miss Holmes


Read by laineyben

Chapter 4: Harût and Marût


Read by laineyben

Chapter 5: The Plot


Read by laineyben

Chapter 6: The Bona Fide Gold Mine


Read by laineyben

Chapter 7: Lord Ragnall's Story


Read by laineyben

Chapter 8: The Start


Read by laineyben

Chapter 9: The Meeting in the Desert


Read by laineyben

Chapter 10: Charge!


Read by laineyben

Chapter 11: Allan is Captured


Read by laineyben

Chapter 12: The First Curse


Read by laineyben

Chapter 13: Jana


Read by laineyben

Chapter 14: The Chase


Read by laineyben

Chapter 15: The Dweller in the Cave


Read by laineyben

Chapter 16: Hans Steals the Keys


Read by laineyben

Chapter 17: The Sanctuary and the Oath


Read by laineyben

Chapter 18: The Embassy


Read by laineyben

Chapter 19: Allan Quatermain Misses


Read by laineyben

Chapter 20: Allan Weeps


Read by laineyben

Chapter 21: Homewards


Read by laineyben


Very Profound and Rich

(4 Sterne)

From the narrator Laineyben, who brings to life the reading by the very extraordanary gift of language skills and historical expertice! Then of course the beautifully written adventures of Allen Quartaimain! The Ivory Child takes you on a very vivid encounter of the challenges of the adventure of Allan and his comrades into the dangers of rivers, trible fudalism, and the attempted rescue of The White Child's Princess. Not before battles of primitive and dark encounters of extrordanary large god- snake for good against the giant elephant god of evil! A great adventure well written, so geographicaly and historically beleavable as truth itself! An adventure you cannot aford to miss.


(5 Sterne)

This was an excellent book read by the best narrator, the best way to enjoy Haggard.

The narrator was really great and brought the book to life.

(5 Sterne)

Ivory Child

(5 Sterne)

A great adventure by one of the best action writers. Haggard was head and shoulders above most of his contemporaries and, indeed, almost all modern authors of this genre. Ethnic stereotypes abound, of course. I found that sibilance made this a better listen in the car than on headphones. The mysteriously named laineyben provides an atmospheric and excellently paced reading. Many thanks! TheBookworm (Manchester, UK)

i recommend this

(4 Sterne)

i did enjoy this adventure.... i didnt like a couple of incidents one of them was unnecessary bad... and the other just weird.... sorry not to explain. i dont want to spoil it for you. 😊

Superb experience

(5 Sterne)

very well written book. Narrator makes app the characters come alive. she is the best of the lot I'll s say. I really am unable to describe listening this excellent work. Thank you all

If you like Quartermain you will like this book

(4,5 Sterne)

Well read, typical Allan Quartermain book. Fighting against great odds wrought with heroic honor. Something greatly needed in our culture today.

a great african tale

(3 Sterne)

the reader did a good job, although a poor attempt at a Xhosa accent. it is a well paced eventful story. worth listening to or reading.