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Autobiography of a Seaman, Vol. 1

Gelesen von Timothy Ferguson

(4,55 Sterne; 70 Bewertungen)

This two volume work is the autobiography of Lord Cochrane, a naval captain of the Napoleonic period. His adventures are seminal to the development of naval fiction as a genre. Marryat sailed with Cochrane, while later writers borrowed incidents from this biography for their fictions. Most notable among these is Patrick O'Brian, three of whose novels have clear parallels to incidents in the life of Cochrane. This first volume covers Cochrane's earlier life, during which he is most active militarily. (Introduction by Timothy Ferguson) (11 hr 19 min)


00 - Dedication, Preface, and Introductory


Read by Timothy Ferguson

01 - My Boyhood, and Entrance Into the Navy


Read by Timothy Ferguson

02 - Cruise of the Hind


Read by Timothy Ferguson

03 - Voyage of the Thetis


Read by Timothy Ferguson

04 - Services in the Meditteranean


Read by Timothy Ferguson

05 - Cruise of the Speedy


Read by Timothy Ferguson

06 - Cruise of the Speedy Continued


Read by Timothy Ferguson

07 - Admiralty Reluctance to Promote Me


Read by Timothy Ferguson

08 - Naval Administration Sixty Years Ago


Read by Timothy Ferguson

09 - Employment in the Arab


Read by Timothy Ferguson

10 - Cruise of the Pallas


Read by Timothy Ferguson

11 - Services in the Pallas Continued


Read by Timothy Ferguson

12 - My Entrance Into Parliament


Read by Timothy Ferguson

13 - Dissolution of Parliament


Read by Timothy Ferguson

14 - Cruise of the Imperieuse


Read by Timothy Ferguson

15 - Cruise of the Imperieuse Continued


Read by Timothy Ferguson

16 - Cruise of the Imperieuse Continued


Read by Timothy Ferguson

17 - Cruise of the Imperieuse Continued


Read by Timothy Ferguson

18 - Cruise of the Imperieuse Continued


Read by Timothy Ferguson

19 - Appointment to Command Fire-Ships in Basque Roads


Read by Timothy Ferguson

20 - Untitled Chapter


Read by Timothy Ferguson

21 - Untitled chapter


Read by Timothy Ferguson

22 - Arrival in England


Read by Timothy Ferguson

23 - Lord Gambier's Despatch


Read by Timothy Ferguson


Great reading! Alternately tedious and fascinating.

(4 Sterne)

Apparently Lord Cochrane was a divisive character in his time. A capable seaman, yet an insufferable jerk. All that comes across in this book. The book offers great insights into Naval tactics and operations in the early 19th century, but often reads as a justification of himself and an excruciation of his enemies. Of course, that's what this is. Ferguson brings another stellar reading in conveying all this.

Very good, just need vol 2!

(5 Sterne)

I very much enjoyed this story and the narration is great, good job Timothy. An interesting mix of serious naval adventures and its politics in the 19th century. Sadly volume two seems to be missing in action!

Great Book Great Reading

(5 Sterne)

If you like any Patrick O'Brien Books (eg Master & Commander) you will love this. Its much less dramatic thsn a historical fiction novel but is still jawdropping. The constant defensive tone can get a bit wearing but its justified in the context of the nook.The naration is also perfect. Thanks for uploading.

more exiting than fiction

(5 Sterne)

inspiring indignation of the unjust and malicious treatment of Lord Cochrane and showing the patient and humble forbearance on the part of Cochrane himself.

(4,5 Sterne)

This is a very engaging story/autobiography, easy to listen to as well. He had a pleasant, easy to follow manner of reading to the listener.

(5 Sterne)

Excellent reading!!! Fantastic book about a brave, engenius, mistreated British Naval officer. Great history, and claims which writer backs every step of the way.

Poor poor man.

(3 Sterne)

If the writer had received every promotion when he thought he deserved one he would have been PM.

(4,5 Sterne)

Very beautifully written and full of excitement around every turn ¡