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Killgloom Park

Gelesen von Maria Therese

(4,636 Sterne; 11 Bewertungen)

Join Angelo Daily and his chums during a fun filled summer at Killgloom Park, a Coney Island, New York amusement park in the 1930's. A runaway tiger! Tracking down a wanted thief! Climbing down a ferris wheel in the middle of the night! These are just a few of the exciting things that happen during this adventurous summer!

The author grew up in the world of amusement parks, providing first hand material for two of his boys books – “On the Sands of Coney” and its sequel, this title - “Killgloom Park”. (“On the Sands of Coney” is still under copyright, and cannot be recorded, but it is not necessary to be familiar with it to enjoy this book!) The author was a Catholic Jesuit Priest, and in 1926 he was appointed a Scout Chaplain for the Greater New York City Scout Camps. He spent many years involved with the Boy Scouts, and wrote a long list of stories and books, mainly fiction, for and about scouts. (Summary by Maria Therese) (4 hr 40 min)


01 - The Sandwich Sign


Read by Maria Therese

02 - A Monkey Shiner


Read by Maria Therese

03 - The Reception Committee


Read by Maria Therese

04 - A Morning Circus


Read by Maria Therese

05 - Miss Caesar


Read by Maria Therese

06 - The World's Sickest People


Read by Maria Therese

07 - Furry Devil


Read by Maria Therese

08 - The Battle of Free For All


Read by Maria Therese

09 - Little Robber


Read by Maria Therese

10 - Scout Trouble


Read by Maria Therese

11 - Low Bridge


Read by Maria Therese

12 - Valecita's Pussies


Read by Maria Therese

13 - His Luckiest Bump


Read by Maria Therese

14 - Ghost Money


Read by Maria Therese

15 - Stalled on High


Read by Maria Therese

16 - Wounded Ankle


Read by Maria Therese

17 - Mardi Gras


Read by Maria Therese


Fun Story

(5 Sterne)

Ever wonder what it would be like to live at an amusement park? Well the boys in this story do! They interact with the animals, go backstage & behind the scenes of rides, stay up late every night and have circus performers as friends. The reader is clear & pleasent. Perfect audio for summer car trips. This book was originally written for children, but some antiquated language might need looking up for a 21st Century grade-school listener. As is often delightful for small boys, most of their antics are somewhat unsafe and a bit mischievous but adults are always sought out when the boys get over their heads. Un P.C. Terms like "freaks" and "midget" are used.

Fun children’s book

(4,5 Sterne)

Book about a boy whose father owns an amusement park. Story follows him and his friends on different adventures at the park. New acts, escaped menagerie animals, busy days and the park boys club.

Awesome Book

(5 Sterne)

Beautiful Book For Anyone With Morals That Anyone Can Go Stronger With Each Time You Read It Thanks Author Thanks For Sharing