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Selected Short Stories

Gelesen von Greg W.

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At the time of his death at the age of 28, Stephen Crane had become an important figure in American literature. He was nearly forgotten, however, until two decades later when critics revived interest in his life and work. Stylistically, Crane's writing is characterized by vivid intensity, distinctive dialects, and irony. Common themes involve fear, spiritual crises and social isolation. Although recognized primarily for The Red Badge of Courage, which has become an American classic, Crane is also known for short stories such as "The Open Boat", "The Blue Hotel", "The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky", and The Monster. His writing made a deep impression on 20th century writers, most prominent among them Ernest Hemingway, and is thought to have inspired the Modernists and the Imagists. (Introduction Wikipedia.) (7 hr 7 min)


Pace of Youth, The


Read by Greg W.

Ominous Baby, An


Read by Greg W.

Experiment in Misery, An


Read by Greg W.

Open Boat, The


Read by Greg W.

Bride Comes to Yellow Sky, The


Read by Greg W.

Blue Hotel, The


Read by Greg W.

Monster, The


Read by Greg W.

08 - The Monster, Part 2


Read by Greg W.

09 - The Monster, Part 3


Read by Greg W.

Death and the Child


Read by Greg W.


Great story telling!

(5 Sterne)

I really enjoy listening to “short stories” and this was just perfect. Great narration and the stories themselves held my attention and were also spooky.