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Flappers and Philosophers

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Flappers and Philosophers was the first collection of short stories written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, published in 1920. It includes eight stories: * "The Offshore Pirate" * "The Ice Palace" * "Head and Shoulders" * "The Cut-Glass Bowl" * "Bernice Bobs Her Hair" * "Benediction" * "Dalyrimple Goes Wrong" * "The Four Fists" (Introduction by Wikipedia) (6 hr 50 min)


The Offshore Pirate


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The Ice Palace


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Head and Shoulders


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The Cut-Glass Bowl


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Bernice Bobs Her Hair


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Dalyrimple Goes Wrong


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The Four Fists


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(2 Sterne)

All those shouted dialogues in the beginning made me feel like I was listening to some cheap radio-novela. I don't think people talk like that, not even when Fitzgerald was still alive. Reader should calm down a bit.


(5 Sterne)

This is a group of very enjoyable stories that are very well read. MB does a great job of putting a lot of life and feeling into the stories. Thanks!

(5 Sterne)

Stories were excellent and easy to listen to while at work. Reading was very well done, giving the characters life.

Great reader!!!!

(4 Sterne)

I absolutely love listening to MB read!!! the first couple stories were cut short, my only complaint.

(4,5 Sterne)

I'm so excited that mb records this!! Easily my favourite librovox recorder! :)

Flappers and Philosophers

(5 Sterne)

Well read, fun listen - thanks!

Ardita!! Ardita!!!

(1 Sterne)

MB needs to get a grip.

(0,5 Sterne)

Bad. I simply cannot understand about 30%.