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Not Quite Eighteen

Gelesen von Bridget Gaige

(4,78 Sterne; 25 Bewertungen)

Not Quite Eighteen is a delightful collection of children’s stories that range from moral to whimsical. From unfinished fairy tales and daydreams about a pony who kept shop to a lesson on presence of mind, these anecdotes will entertain as well as improve the mind. (Summary by Bridget Gaige) (4 hr 22 min)


How Bunny Brought Good Luck


Read by Bridget Gaige

A Bit of Wilfulness


Read by Bridget Gaige

The Wolves of St. Gervas


Read by Bridget Gaige

Three Little Candles


Read by Bridget Gaige

Uncle and Aunt


Read by Bridget Gaige

The Corn-Ball Money


Read by Bridget Gaige

The Prize Girl of the Harnessing Class


Read by Bridget Gaige

Dolly Phone


Read by Bridget Gaige

A Nursery Tyrant


Read by Bridget Gaige

What the Pink Flamingo Did


Read by Bridget Gaige

Two Pairs of Eyes


Read by Bridget Gaige

The Pony that Kept the Store


Read by Bridget Gaige

Pink and Scarlet


Read by Bridget Gaige

Dolly's Lesson


Read by Bridget Gaige

A Blessing in Disguise


Read by Bridget Gaige

A Granted Wish


Read by Bridget Gaige


Did Not Finish

(2 Sterne)

I got about 1/3 through this and only stopped listening because the narrator, though well spoken, was a little too speedy for me. I liked the stories, but listeners should be aware that they reflect the times in which they were written. There was one sentence that struck me quite forcibly. One of the characters feels guilty about the thought of being ashamed of her aunt and uncle. She wishes she "could hire someone to give her a whipping" for her uncharitable thought. I've got to admit, I did not expect that in a children's book. I think I have a lot to learn about the mindset of Victorian society.

A very very good book

(5 Sterne)

I Highly recommend this book . Sweet children story’s . The reader really good thank you 👍👍 . Really good book.

Great Children's Stories

(5 Sterne)

Enjoyable children's stories for kids of all age's. Good morals in each little tale. The reader did a good job. Thank you!

excellent book and outstanding reader!

(5 Sterne)

Thank you for bringing this excellent book to life, Bridget Gaige!! You are an excellent reader.

(5 Sterne)

A beautiful collection of stories, read beautifully by the narrator!