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Bible (KJV) NT 05: Acts

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Acts tells the story of the Apostolic Age of the Early Christian church, with particular emphasis on the ministry of the Twelve Apostles and of Paul of Tarsus. The early chapters, set in Jerusalem, discuss Jesus' Resurrection and Great Commission, his Ascension with a prophecy to return, the start of the Twelve Apostles' ministry, and the Day of Pentecost. The later chapters discuss Paul's conversion, his ministry, and finally his arrest and imprisonment and trip to Rome. (Introduction by Wikipedia) (2 hr 45 min)


01 - Chapters 1-3


Read by Michael Packard

02 - Chapters 4-6


Read by Michael Packard

03 - Chapters 7-8


Read by TriciaG

04 - Chapters 9-11


Read by TriciaG

05 - Chapters 12-14


Read by Nicole Lee

06 - Chapters 15-17


Read by Michael Packard

07 - Chapters 18-20


Read by Michael Packard

08 - Chapters 21-23


Read by stmacduff

09 - Chapter 24


Read by TriciaG

10 - Chapters 25-26


Read by Michael Packard

11 - Chapters 27-28


Read by stmacduff


Bible(KJV)NT 05: Acts(version2)

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Very good reading, articulate. Enjoyed it

Beautify Iiistrated

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I Finished The Book Thanks Very Much Keep Writing More Book Author Me & My Wife Will Be Listening To More Books Your Wire

Engagingly Read

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The reading was engaging and very well read. Listened to the book in one sitting.

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Wonderful readings thanks all and God bless!

The Beautiful Book Of Acts

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Me and my wife listened to it with my Android Phone and CD player. Thai Me and my wife listened to it with my Android Phone and my CD player

Acts another greatest books in the Bible

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The Book Of Acts Isa greatest story in the Bible Android Phone and wireless headphones

The audio of this Book of Acts is excellent.

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