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Ruth Fielding of the Red Mill

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(4,262 Sterne; 21 Bewertungen)

Brave, adventurous and loyal, recently-orphaned Ruth Fielding is sent to live with her estranged Uncle Jabez at the Red Mill in Cheslow, New York. A new town means making new friends, and the teenage Ruth quickly befriends the children of a wealthy merchant. But as the relationship between her and her uncle becomes strained and she attempts to become friends with a very disagreeable girl, will Ruth's cheery disposition be enough to get her through?

This is the first of the Ruth Fielding series, with follows Ruth and her friends from adolescence into early adulthood. (Summary by Charlotte Duckett) (4 hr 53 min)


01 - The Red Flame in the Night


Read by Sonali Punja

02 - Reno


Read by Sonali Punja

03 - What Has Happened?


Read by Sonali Punja

04 - The Gate of the Green Eyes


Read by Sonali Punja

05 - The Girl in the Automobile


Read by Sonali Punja

06 - The Red Mill


Read by Sonali Punja

07 - Aunt Alvira's Back and Bones


Read by Sonali Punja

08 - Hoarding up: Passions-Money-Water


Read by Sonali Punja

09 - The Crest of the Wave


Read by Sonali Punja

10 - The Race


Read by Sonali Punja

11 - Uncle Jabez is Excited


Read by Coreena

12 - The Catastrophe


Read by Coreena

13 - Butter and Buttercups


Read by Sonali Punja

14 - Just a Matter of a Dress


Read by Sonali Punja

15 - In School


Read by Sonali Punja

16 - Behind the Green Lamps


Read by Sonali Punja

17 - Tormenting Mercy


Read by Sonali Punja

18 - The Spelling Bee


Read by Sonali Punja

19 - The String of Poverty


Read by Sonali Punja

20 - Uncle Jabez is Mysterious


Read by Coreena

21 - The End of the Term


Read by Coreena

22 - Mercy


Read by Lynne T

23 - In Olakah Glen


Read by Lynne T

24 - The Initials


Read by Sonali Punja

25 - Endings and Beginnings


Read by Sonali Punja


Liked the story, tough Reader

(4 Sterne)

Another easy listen with a mystery! The story was fun with adventures and uncomplicated characters. Unfortunately, one of the readers is *extremely* difficult to understand. I almost gave up several times but I think my ear adapts a bit after a while. I listen while I work, so it was worth it to me to keep listening instead of looking up the book.

Pleasant story, some harsh narration

(3,5 Sterne)

It would be so nice if narrators would simply read the stories. Most have very pleasing voices, until they attempt to do character voices. The majority of the time the result is annoying rather than entertaining. Will try to finish listening, but it is a challenge.

First in great series!

(4 Sterne)

I started this and had to stop because I couldnt understand the words. I found the book and read it at Project Guttenberg and decided to give it another try. once I understood what was going on and the pronunciation of names it helped alot

good young teen story

(3,5 Sterne)

Great book for young teens. Listening was a bit tough; main reader’s accent took getting used to. Sound quality of one chapter with different reader was so bad it was nearly impossible to understand.


(5 Sterne)

not much in way of mystery; enjoyable plot though. read well and consistent enough with a few chapters having different readers than the majority. Will be listening to the sequel next.