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Gelesen von Geoffrey Edwards

(2,45 Sterne; 30 Bewertungen)

Physics (Greek: Φυσικὴ ἀκρόασις; Latin: Physica, or Physicae Auscultationes) discusses concepts including: substance, accident, the infinite, causation, motion, time and the Prime Mover. (Summary by Geoffrey Edwards) (9 hr 37 min)


01 - Book I Chapters 1-4 (Text 3)


Read by Geoffrey Edwards

02 - Book I Chapters 5-7 (Text 42)


Read by Geoffrey Edwards

03 - Book I Chapters 8-10 (Text 63)


Read by Geoffrey Edwards

04 - Book II Chapters 1-4 (Text 87)


Read by Geoffrey Edwards

05 - Book II Chapters 5-9 (Text 116)


Read by Geoffrey Edwards

06 - Book III Chapters 1-5 (Text 135)


Read by Geoffrey Edwards

07 - Book III Chapters 6-13 (Text 156)


Read by Geoffrey Edwards

08 - Book IV Chapters 1-7 (Text 177)


Read by Geoffrey Edwards

09 - Book IV Chapters 8-13 (Text 209)


Read by Geoffrey Edwards

10 - Book IV Chapters 14-20 (Text 238)


Read by Geoffrey Edwards

11 - Book V Chapters 1-5 (Text 287)


Read by Geoffrey Edwards

12 - Book V Chapters 6-9 (Text 319)


Read by Geoffrey Edwards

13 - Book VI Chapters 1-6 (Text 341)


Read by Geoffrey Edwards

14 - Book VI Chapters 7-16 (Text 368)


Read by Geoffrey Edwards

15 - Book VII Chapters 1-6 (Text 401)


Read by Geoffrey Edwards

16 - Book VIII Chapters 1-4 (Text 433)


Read by Geoffrey Edwards

17 - Book VIII Chapters 5-10 (Text 461)


Read by Geoffrey Edwards

18 - Book VIII Chapters 11-15 (Text 486)


Read by Geoffrey Edwards


Then don't listen.

(3 Sterne)

If your text speech synthesis works better then you don't need this. You did not pay for this. Nobody asked you to use this app and service. If you don't like a reading don't listen to it . Give constructive feedback or better yet volunteer yourself to read for Librivox. The reader sounds fine.

the reader is killing me

(0,5 Sterne)

Please stop this person from reading anymore books


(4 Sterne)

I started listening to audio books using the speakers in my Android phone or iPad mini. Then I connected my devices to my car stereo. Big difference. All the readers sound much better. I try to keep in mind these are mostly volunteers that are not professional readers. They do this for free. Thank you. Try listening using better quality speakers and let us know if that changed your rating, My main criticism of this book is Aristotle’s writing style. I would love to hear a professional book reader read this book to see if they could make it more palatable. I am wondering if the readers are offered any training. Are there any audio books on how to become a better book reader?

(0,5 Sterne)

I have no idea what the book was good or what it was like couldn't get past the reader what the hell was that

(1 Sterne)

Sorry to say this, but my text to speech software reads it better.

(4 Sterne)

people are complaining about his voice but the microphone quality is good so as long as you have the text in front of you, following along shouldn't be difficult

booo, seriously "hard to listen to. wish we had a few options

(1,5 Sterne)