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The Secret of the Silver Car

Gelesen von Anna Simon

(4,815 Sterne; 168 Bewertungen)

Before he went to join the Armed Forces in World War I France, Anthony Trent had a successful secret 'career' as a master criminal in the USA, never caught by the police (see 'Anthony Trent, Master Criminal'). The war has just ended - but now Anthony Trent seriously fears exposure. While in the trenches, an explosion buried him alive, along with an English soldier. Thinking they would never get out alive, Anthony revealed his identity to the other soldier - just before they were rescued and separated. After recovering from his injuries, all Anthony can think about is finding the English soldier - to thank him for saving his life, but also to know whether the man will betray his big secret. His search is full of adventures, including espionage, blackmail and love. (Summary by Anna Simon) (7 hr 10 min)


Chapter 1 - The Puzzling Passenger


Read by Anna Simon

Chapter 2 - The Man in the Dark


Read by Anna Simon

Chapter 3 - The Beginning of the Search


Read by Anna Simon

Chapter 4 - A Lady Interrupts


Read by Anna Simon

Chapter 5 - The Man who Denied


Read by Anna Simon

Chapter 6 - Fresh Fields


Read by Anna Simon

Chapter 7 - The Sentence of Banishment


Read by Anna Simon

Chapter 8 - Count Michael Temesvar


Read by Anna Simon

Chapter 9 - Pauline


Read by Anna Simon

Chapter 10 - The Greater Game


Read by Anna Simon

Chapter 11 - Anthony Plays His Hand


Read by Anna Simon

Chapter 12 - Saint Anthony


Read by Anna Simon

Chapter 13 - Down to the Sea


Read by Anna Simon

Chapter 14 - The Cabinet Meeting


Read by Anna Simon

Chapter 15 - Anthony the Triumphant


Read by Anna Simon


Good Point re Movie

(5 Sterne)

Listener Honey bee makes an interesting point, I'm somewhat surprised to think the Anthony Trent novels weren't turned into a movie at any point. Ms. Simon does an excellent job reading, as always. She perfectly conveys so much of the story, its tone and characters with such perfect intonation, pacing and inflection throughout. This particular story just seems to agree with her voice somehow, I'm not sure if it's the pace or style of the author, but if you like Anna's reading, it is here at its finest.

Super Sequel!

(5 Sterne)

As sequels go, this is by far, one of my favorites! Anthony Trent is the unwilling Patriot, the reluctant Hero, the captured Rogue, of any Female's Fantasy, and Male's Aspiration! What a Gr8 story, whether you listen or read, this is an Author worth your while!

(3 Sterne)

I just couldn't get into this book like I did with the other one.

(5 Sterne)

simply heart warmingly beautiful .ten stars.

Movie Material

(4 Sterne)

No movies were made because they go against "the code", which was censorship created in 1937 to ensure that movies didnt encourage immoral behavior amongst public. Part of the code was that perpetrators of any immoral deed must meet a comeuppance and could not ever benefit from any wrong doing. Obviously the code is no longer followed but movie producers today only follow established money making stories, so 1 million Sherlock Holmes, zero A.J. Raffles still.

Lots of Fun

(5 Sterne)

This is the sort of fiction one wishes one could find for beach reading. It's got enough depth of character so that you feel the author does not think his readers are idiots. But it also moves along at merry pace, and does a nice job of sucking us into our protagonist's plight. Makes a great book for a long drive to the beach...Well read, too.


(5 Sterne)

A wonderfully suspenseful thriller, with a touch of romance (which I don't normally go for)! This sequel was even better than the previous story. I only wish there were more. Anna, the reader, did an excellent job.

Good Story

(5 Sterne)

Good story, very well read. Kept my attention to the end. Realistic characters with nearly everyone having something to hide! Liked it better than the first Anthony Trent book.