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Beowulf (version 2)

Gelesen von Tad E.

(4,418 Sterne; 92 Bewertungen)

Beowulf was composed by an anonymous Anglo-Saxon poet. Francis Barton Gummere translates this beautiful poem. Beowulf is an epic poem. The main character, Beowulf, proves himself a hero as he battles against supernatural demons and beasts. (Summary by Tad E.) (2 hr 45 min)


Prelude-Section 2


Read by Tad E.

Sections 3-5


Read by Tad E.

Sections 6-8


Read by Tad E.

Sections 9-11


Read by Tad E.

Sections 12-14


Read by Tad E.

Sections 15-17


Read by Tad E.

Sections 18-20


Read by Tad E.

Sections 21-23


Read by Tad E.

Sections 24-26


Read by Tad E.

Sections 27-29


Read by Tad E.

Sections 30-32


Read by Tad E.

Sections 33-35


Read by Tad E.

Sections 36-38


Read by Tad E.

Sections 39-41


Read by Tad E.


Poor delivery

(2 Sterne)

I found the delivery of the narrator to be too fast and not have enough pauses and emphasis. I had to stop the book and start over in the alternative version available here

(3,5 Sterne)

For a volunteer reader this was done pretty well. There are some issues with pacing and pronunciation, but nothing so bad that it detracts from the story. The audio quality is good and there is very little background noise, which is also nice.

Fair. Tough read in any format.

(4 Sterne)

The reader did a fair job. I was hoping this story would be easier to handle in audio format. It is still difficult to process. Most normal folks will still need to read a version with notes.

poor recording

(1 Sterne)

Good reader but his S and some T sounds are piercingly sharp. Had to stop listening after a few minutes. A somewhat common but avoidable error in recording methods.

good story

(3,5 Sterne)

Great story, although I read it once, listened to it, and then read a simplified version to make sure I reaaally got what was going on. narrator was fine.

very good

(4 Sterne)

it's a great book. as for the speaker, he is mostly clear but could have slowed down in some sections


(3 Sterne)

it was a good book fun .i seen the movie but the book was better

(4 Sterne)

the reader has a good grasp of pronunciation for the names and old English terms.