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(4,761 Sterne; 46 Bewertungen)

"Imagination is like a sail, as Mr. Joyce had said that evening; but sails are good and useful things sometimes, and carry their owners over deep waters and dark waves, which else might dampen, and drench, and drown." Twelve year old Isabella Bright is endowed with just such an imagination and spends her time amusing herself and her friends with stories. Will her imagination be called upon to help her navigate tempestuous seas? - Summary by Lynne Thompson (5 hr 20 min)


Lady Jane And Lord Guildford


Read by Lynne T

After School


Read by Lynne T

Mr. Joyce


Read by Lynne T

A Day With The Shakers


Read by Lynne T

How The Black Dog Had His Day


Read by Lynne T



Read by Lynne T

Between The Old Home And The New


Read by Lynne T

Causey Island


Read by Lynne T

Shut Up In The Oven


Read by Lynne T

A Long Year In A Short Chapter


Read by Lynne T

A Storm On The Coast


Read by Lynne T



Read by Lynne T


very good only a little abrupt at end. best reader on librivox

(4,5 Sterne)

Just wanted to thank Lynne Thompson

(5 Sterne)

I've just started listening to Eyebright but wanted to get in the fact that You, Lynne Thompson are one of my favorite readers. You did wonderful reading in your sections of Clara Vaughan, Vol I.,Richard Doddridge BLACKMORE (1825 - 1900). I loved the young character Clara Vaughn. You did such a remarkable reading of Clara's witty and derogatory remarks to the exploitative, nefarious and fatuous people around her that deserved her humorous acerbic retorts. and her unconditional love for her parents, and others along the way who helped her and her mother after her father was murdered, who so loved clara the child and tolerated her precocious, headstrong nature. dahszil male usa(against US empire and for restoration of US republic)

lovely and delicate

(3,5 Sterne)

Very nice! I agree that the ending was abrupt, and the entire book a bit predictable at times, but on the whole it was a pretty little book. I will say I enjoyed "A Little Country Girl" better, however. Lynne T is SUCH a great reader! Thanks for reading!

(5 Sterne)

Wow!! Great book a little sad but beautiful story very captivating(: the narrator was great! She has good voice and is good at making the characters seem real I highly recommend this book!

Very sweet

(4 Sterne)

Thank you Lynne T for reading this sweet story for us. ☺️ 💗