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The Passenger from Calais

Gelesen von Arie

(4,167 Sterne; 21 Bewertungen)

An army officer, and a mysterious lady with a maid and baby in tow, are the only passengers on the Engadine express from Calais. The lady is afraid that someone is following her. Who is she? And what is her strange package? One suspicious conversation and two private detectives later Colonel Basil Annesley is determined to find out! - Summary by Arie (5 hr 21 min)


Foreword, Chapters 1 & 2


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Chapters 3 & 4


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Chapters 5 & 6


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Chapters 7 & 8


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Chapters 9 & 10


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Chapters 11 & 12


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Chapters 13 & 14


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Chapters 15 & 16


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Chapters 17 & 18


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Chapters 19 & 20


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Chapters 21 & 22


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Chapters 23 & 24


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Chapters 25 & 26


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Chapters 27 & 28


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Chapters 29 & 30


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Good book great reader!

(4 Sterne)

a good tale well told. Lady Claire and Colonel Basil were so well drawn as characters, and as for Lady Henrietta-rarely.have I come across so perfectly described and so irritatingly accurate a character. I so wanted to speak more than harshly her! the reader of this book is amongst the very best I have come across, her ability to convey the different speakers with just the lightest of changes in tone and accent was inspired. more from this gifted reader please please please.

Strange and Pretty Good

(4,5 Sterne)

This is a very detailed story- a desperate chase- in and out of trains in the Southern Alps with some suspense but it was the reader Arie with her beautiful voice that compensated for the fact that the characters rarely sat down for a normal conversation or a laugh. Her voice was the human part. And of course the ending was happy!

nice story

(5 Sterne)

I enjoyed this story wasn't much of a mystery to me but enjoyed the story. Very well narrated by Arie and actually reader kept me listening.


(4,5 Sterne)

well read & enjoyable story