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The Bobbsey Twins at School

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(4,227 Sterne; 33 Bewertungen)

The Bobbsey Twins is a series of books attributed to Laura Lee Hope, a house pseudonym of the Stratemeyer Syndicate. The family includes a pair of older twins, Nan and Bert, and a pair of younger twins, Freddie and Flossie. This volume is the fourth in the series.

The Bobbseys are on their way home from an exciting summer vacation. But mysteries and trouble are never far behind them, and they run across a wrecked circus train and a trick dog who insists on following them! Back at home, exciting news awaits: Bert has been selected as president of a new museum that the school is opening. All goes well until opening day, when the museum's most valuable statue goes missing! Who took it? And why? Can the Bobbsey twins solve this new mystery? (Summary by Rachel) (3 hr 42 min)


A Circus Train


Read by Bethany Baldwin

Snoop is Gone


Read by Denise Nordell

A Queer Dog


Read by Rachel

Home in an Auto


Read by Rachel

Snap Does Tricks


Read by Rachel

Danny Rugg is Mean


Read by Rachel

At School


Read by Rachel

Bert Sees Something


Read by Diana Diamondson

Off to the Woods


Read by Diana Diamondson

A Scare


Read by LilyGrace

Danny's Trick


Read by Xenablue

The Children's Party


Read by Xenablue

An Unpleasant Surprise


Read by Jared Richardson

A Coat Button


Read by Xenablue



Read by Jared Richardson

Mr. Tetlow Asks Questions


Read by BettyB

The First Snow


Read by Deon Gines

A Night Alarm


Read by Deon Gines

Who Was Smoking?


Read by LilyGrace

A Confession


Read by LilyGrace

The Fat Lady's Letter


Read by Diana Diamondson

Snap and Snoop


Read by Diana Diamondson


Another Review

(5 Sterne)

The Bobbsey twins are back in a new exciting adventure! Join Bert, Nan, Freddie, and Flossie in their newest adventure. On there way home, the Bobbsey family is confronted with many adventures. First, Freddie and Flossie lose their valuable silver cup on the train, then their pet cat, Snoop, goes missing! To top it all off, the train the Bobbseys are riding on is forced to stop to avoid an off-track circus train. On the way to the subway, a mysterious dog is found following the family. When they finally reach home, the Bobbsey twins have trouble with Danny Rugg, the school bully. The Bobbsey twins have many adventures, including the opening of a school museum, a stolen statue, and more fun! Will the Bobbsey twins solve the mystery? Review by Nancy Drew, owner of , check it out!

(2 Sterne)

I wish there could be proper readers, or just 1 reader who reads properly. the book is about 4 stars but it's because of the readers I only put 2 down, they aren't the worst ( readers) ever tho (I've heard plenty worse.)the only nice one is Rachel.

(2 Sterne)

hard to listen to. some readers sound like they are talking in a tin can. I gave up on this one after a few chapters.

Really good!!

(5 Sterne)

I love Bobbsey twins stories! They are really funny and cool!!! :-) love Diana Diamondson's quiet, gentle voice as well.

cute story

(3 Sterne)

sorry is nice but some narrators are good and others hard to listen to

Luv it

(5 Sterne)

I LOVE reading so I was happy with this book