Action & Adventure

Wylder's Hand

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

The marriage of Mark Wylder and Dorkas Brenden is supposed to end a history of arguments between the two families. However, both people invo…

The Last Entry

Read by Lee Smalley

William Clark Russell

This is a sea-faring novel set in 1837. A wealthy former seaman from London and his daughter, who is engaged to be married, set sail on his …

The Submarine Boys on Duty

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Victor G. Durham

Jack Benson and Hal Hastings arrive in Dunhaven, looking for adventure. But in a sleepy, little town, they might not find much. When they …

The World's Desire

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Andrew Lang and H. Rider Haggard

H. Rider Haggard (author of King Solomon's Mines the Allan Quatermain Series, and many more) and Andrew Lang (author of, among others, the r…

Ben Pepper

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Margaret Sidney

This book is about Ben Pepper on some adventures! From The Five Little Peppers to Joel Pepper to now Ben Pepper, you'll know everything abou…

Flash Evans, Camera News Hawk

Read by VfkaBT

Mildred A. Wirt Benson

Jimmy 'Flash' Evans, 17, ace photographer for The Brandale Ledger, tries his hand at the newsreel game in this upbeat, pre-war adventure. Th…

David and the Phoenix

Read by Greg Weeks

Edward Ormondroyd

David knew that one should be prepared for anything when one climbs a mountain, but he never dreamed what he would find that June morning on…

The Virginians

Read by Nick Bulka

William Makepeace Thackeray

It tells the story of Henry Esmond's twin grandsons, George and Henry Warrington. Henry's romantic entanglements with an older woman lead up…

Mark the Match Boy or Richard Hunter's Ward

Read by Tori Faulder

Horatio Alger, Jr.

In this third installment from the “Ragged Dick” series by Horatio Algers, Jr., the reader is reacquainted with some old friends and meets y…

Lotgevallen van Robinson Crusoë

Read by Bart de Leeuw

Daniel Defoe

Robinson Crusoë weet 27 jaren, 2 maanden en 20 dagen te overleven op een onbewoond eiland, met een papagaai, een regenscherm en een gro…

Camp-Fire Girls in the Country or The Secret Aunt Hannah Forgot

Read by Lee Ann Howlett

Stella M. Francis

Teen-ager Hazel Edwards and the other twelve members of the Flamingo Camp-Fire Girls experience some real adventure when they are invited to…

A Knyght Ther Was

Read by Roger Melin

Robert F. Young

"But the Knyght was a little less than perfect, and his horse did not have a metabolism, and his 'castle' was much more mobile - timewi…

Almayer's Folly (version 2)

Read by Tom Weiss

Joseph Conrad

Almayer’s Folly is about a poor businessman who dreams of finding a hidden gold mine and becoming very wealthy. Kaspar Almayer is a white Eu…

The Railway Children (version 3)

Read by Kara Shallenberg

E. Nesbit

When their father mysteriously goes away, three children and their story-writing mother leave their comfortable life in London and move to a…

Tom of the Raiders

Read by Brett W. Downey

Austin Bishop and William Henry Bishop

Young Adult historical fiction of a young man joining the Union Army and taking part in the Great Locomotive Chase. (Summary by Brett Downey…

A Yellow Journalist

Read by Lee Ann Howlett

Miriam Michelson

Rhoda Massey is a young, sharp reporter for a daily newspaper in San Francisco. After proving herself an astute and fearless investigator on…

Starlight Ranch And Other Stories Of Army Life On The Frontier

Read by David Wales

Charles King

Five stories of Army life in the mid to late 19th century. Charles King (1844 – 1933) was a United States soldier and a distinguished writer…

The Queen's Necklace

Read by Gail Timmerman Vaughan

Alexandre Dumas

The Queen's Necklace is historical fiction based on an actual scandal in the court of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI during 1784-85, "T…

Melmoth The Wanderer

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Charles Robert Maturin

One of the first horror novels, it tells the story of Melmoth, who sells his soul so he could have an extended life. Throughout the novel, h…

Astounding Stories 14, February 1931

Read by Bill Boerst

Captain S. P. Meek

This issue includes "Werewolves of War" by D. W. Hall, "The Tentacles from Below" by Anthony Gilmore, "The Black La…

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