Detective Fiction

The Peril Finders

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George Manville Fenn

In California settlers are trying to make a living working as fruit-growers. Problems with blights and insects mean that the crops are faili…

For Fifteen Years

Read by Deanna Bovee

Louis Ulbach

For Fifteen Years by Louis Ulbach is the sequel to The Steel Hammer which tells the story of a poor upholsterer, Jean Mortier who is falsely…

The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle

Read by Phil Chenevert

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Sherlock Holmes is involved in a simple case of finding the owner of a battered hat and a dead goose. Or so he thinks. All too soon this hat…

The Secret of the Old Mill

Read by James R. Hedrick

Franklin W. Dixon

The Secret of the Old Mill is the third volume of the original The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories. This book was written for the Stratemeyer Syn…

Gold of the Gods

Read by Vineymala

Arthur B. Reeve

Mansiche, the ruler of ancient Northern Peru was believed to have buried a huge treasure. But he cast a curse on, whoever, divulged the wher…

Cad Metti, The Female Detective Strategist

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George Munro

At a time when the detective story was gaining in popularity, the hero was almost always male. In this story, Dudie Dunne is assisted by his…

Old Broadbrim into the Heart of Australia or, A Strange Bargain and Its Consequ…

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St. George Henry Rathborne

Old Broadbrim, the famous Quaker detective listened as one of the richest men in New York continued "......I want you to guard my perso…

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