Detective Fiction


Read by Roger Melin

Earle Ashley Walcott

Giles Dudley is called upon by his cousin Henry Wilton to assist him in San Francisco, but the reason for the summons is not at all clear. D…

Schloß Vogelöd

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Rudolf Stratz

Eine Herrengesellschaft trifft sich zu einer mehrtägigen Jagd auf Schloß Vogelöd. Einem der Gäste, dem Grafen Oetsch, w…

The Mystery at Number Six

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Augusta Huiell Seaman

A mysterious girl, a mysterious pool, and a mysterious businessman combine to send two Florida teens to adventureland in this pre-Nancy Drew…

The Boarded Up House

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Augusta Huiell Seaman

What is the secret of the old boarded up house? And what is the answer to the mystery of the long lost letter that is found in it? Best frie…

The Hemlock Avenue Mystery

Read by Roger Melin

Lily A. Long

"The Hemlock Avenue Mystery" is one of a series of mysteries written by Lily Augusta Long using the pseudonym Roman Doubleday. A …

The Cinema Murder

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

E. Phillips Oppenheim

Phillip Romilly is a poor art teacher in London. He finds out that his wealthy cousin Douglas has been seeing his girl friend Beatrice behin…

Mary Louise in the Country

Read by Sibella Denton

L. Frank Baum

The Bluebird Books is a series of novels popular with teenage girls in the 1910s and 1920s. The series was begun by L. Frank Baum using his …

Roman Collar Detective

Read by Maria Therese

Grace Johnson and Grace Johnsonandharold Johnson

A shot penetrates the still night air and one of Galton's leading citizens is a victim of a desperate killer's gun. Murder becomes entangled…

The Secret of the Night

Read by Don W. Jenkins

Gaston Leroux

Gaston Leroux, perhaps best known as the author of The Phantom of the Opera in its novel form, was also the author of a popular series of my…

The Case of the Pocket Diary Found in the Snow

Read by Dawn Larsen

Grace Isabel Colbron and Auguste Groner

The account of some adventures in the professional experience of a member of the Imperial Austrian Police. (from the text)

Raffles, Further Adventures of the Amateur Cracksman

Read by Kristin Hughes (1974-2021)

E. W. Hornung

Raffles, Further Adventures of the Amateur Cracksman (also published as The Black Mask) is the second collection of stories in the Raffles s…

The Shadow of the Rope

Read by Jacquerie

E. W. Hornung

Rachel Minchin stands in the dock, accused of murdering the dissolute husband she was preparing to leave. The trial is sensational, and publ…

John Thorndyke's Cases

Read by Sandra Cullum

R. Austin Freeman

Detective John Thorndyke never disappoints when solving crime in this collection of Freeman's works. - Summary by A. K. Morton

Doctor Izard

Read by Lee Smalley

Anna Katharine Green

The opening scene takes place in a hospital ward where two patients lie, apparently dying, when a man enters and offers a proposition to one…

The Case of the Pool of Blood in the Pastor's Study

Read by Dawn Larsen

Grace Isabel Colbron and Auguste Groner

Joseph Muller, police detective, travels to a remote Hungarian village to discover the truth behind the murder of a beloved village Pastor. …

The Mansion of Mystery

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Chester K. Steele

Mr. and Mrs. Langmore were found mysteriously murdered in their mansion one morning. Their daughter Margaret, who was at home at the time of…

The Crimson Cryptogram

Read by Don W. Jenkins

Fergus Hume

Young Dr Ellis, a struggling new physician, is enjoying a quiet evening smoking and enjoying conversation with his journalist friend Cass, w…

Jezebel's Daughter

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Wilkie Collins

A brilliant chemist and a shrewd businessman — die on the same day. The widow of the chemist, Mrs. Fontaine, is left with the poisons he was…

The Master Mystery

Read by Roger Melin

Arthur B. Reeve

While Harry Houdini didn't rise to fame as a screen actor, silent film makers of the day sought to capitalize on his fame. The Master Myster…

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