Venus in Furs

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Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch

The framing story concerns a man who dreams of speaking to Venus about love while she wears furs. The unnamed narrator tells his dreams to a…

Ausgewählte Novellen

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Guy de Maupassant

Die Liebe und das Leben - in aller Leichtigkeit und Leidenschaft, mit ihren Abgründen und ihren Vergänglichkeit - das sind die Hau…

The Female Quixote Vol. 1

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Charlotte Lennox

The novel formally inverts Don Quixote: as the don mistakes himself for the knightly hero of a Romance, so Arabella mistakes herself for the…

The Memoirs of Jacques Casanova Vol. 2

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Giacomo Casanova

Giacomo Casanova (April 2, 1725 in Venice – June 4, 1798, in Dux, Bohemia, now Duchcov, Czech Republic) was a famous Venetian adventurer, wr…

Die acht Gesichter am Biwasee

Read by Hokuspokus

Max Dauthendey

Liebesgeschichten aus Japan: Am Biwasee, nahe der uralten Kaiserstadt Kioto, haben die Japaner acht Landschaftsgesichter von unsterblicher L…

Orlando Furioso

Read by Thomas A. Copeland

Ludovico Ariosto

Charlemagne's nephew Orlando (AKA Roland) is driven insane by the infidelity of his beloved Angelica. Angelica's relationship with him and o…

Contos para Velhos

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Olavo Bilac

Olavo Brás Martins dos Guimarães Bilac foi um jornalista e poeta brasileiro, membro fundador da Academia Brasileira de Letras.…

Fanny Hill: Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure (version 2)

Read by mlcui

John Cleland

This book has been notorious since it first appeared and had been banned several times and in several countries. It is a fictional work that…

W3t Laik A Wh0r3

Read by Ralph Clayton

Ralph Clayton

Welcome to my glorious life. I'm PurpleCandyXXX the one and only, the majestic online WebStar and AdultPerformer. This world has never seen …

Hero and Leander (version 2)

Read by Thomas A. Copeland

Christopher Marlowe

Two young people, the epitome of young masculine and feminine beauty, fall in love at first sight, but their union is forbidden by the tyran…

Coming Together: Out Loud, Volume 1

Read by Nobilis Reed

Nobilis Reed

Erotica. Need more than that? Okay... Alessia Brio presents erotic stories selected from the "Coming Together" print and ebook a…

A Foolish World: Two Erotic Novellas

Read by Ann Regentin

Ann Regentin

In a world that expects perfection and settles for nothing less, a young man plays in the ruins of a broken marriage, and a man with a broke…

Diary of an S and M Romance

Read by Dollie Llama

Dollie Llama

The first-ever adult title on "Diary of an S and M Romance" is the true story of a young widow reclaiming her lif…


Read by Craig Campbell

Friedrich Von Schlegel

Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel was born in 1772 at Hannover, Holy Roman Empire, to Johann Adolf Schlegel and Johanna Christiane Erdmuthe H&…

Les Chansons De Bilitis

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Pierre Louÿs

Les Chansons de Bilitis furent publiées en 1894 : il s'agit d'une collection de poèmes sulfureux et passionnés par une …

Sonata de estío

Read by Mongope

Ramón Del Valle-Inclán

Sonata de estío es la segunda de las cuatro sonatas escritas por Valle Inclán. Publicada por primera vez en 1903. Contin&uacut…

Les Lettres persanes - Tome premier

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Les Lettres persanes est un roman épistolaire de Montesquieu, rassemblant la correspondance fictive échangée entre deux…

Aspects Of Love - An Anthology

Read by Tony Addison

Various, Translated Byh. De Vere Stacpoole, John Donne, Sappho, William Shakespeare, Walt Whitman and Plato

Aspects Of Love is an anthology of poetic explorations on the theme of erotic love - though one of the "poets" represented here is…

Brittains Ida or Venus and Anchises

Read by Thomas A. Copeland

Edmund Spenser

While hunting, the boy Anchises stumbles upon Venus's forest retreat and is so kindly entertained by the goddess that he becomes the proud f…


Read by Curt Troutwine

Jay Little

Maybe--tomorrow, by Jay Little (pseudonym for Clarence Lewis Miller) published in 1952* based in the confusing latter part of his teenage …

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