Les Chansons De Bilitis

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Pierre Louÿs

Les Chansons de Bilitis furent publiées en 1894 : il s'agit d'une collection de poèmes sulfureux et passionnés par une …

Sonata de estío

Read by Mongope

Ramón Del Valle-Inclán

Sonata de estío es la segunda de las cuatro sonatas escritas por Valle Inclán. Publicada por primera vez en 1903. Contin&uacut…

Les Lettres persanes - Tome premier

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Les Lettres persanes est un roman épistolaire de Montesquieu, rassemblant la correspondance fictive échangée entre deux…

Aspects Of Love - An Anthology

Read by Tony Addison

Various, Translated Byh. De Vere Stacpoole, John Donne, Sappho, William Shakespeare, Walt Whitman and Plato

Aspects Of Love is an anthology of poetic explorations on the theme of erotic love - though one of the "poets" represented here is…

Brittains Ida or Venus and Anchises

Read by Thomas A. Copeland

Edmund Spenser

While hunting, the boy Anchises stumbles upon Venus's forest retreat and is so kindly entertained by the goddess that he becomes the proud f…

Амадора. Та, что любит

Read by Юлия Мен

Ана Феррейра

Амадора. Та, что любит...  Если вы думаете, что Анаис Нин, Генри Миллер и Чарльз Буковски истощили весь запас способов, какими мужчины…


Read by Curt Troutwine

Jay Little

Maybe--tomorrow, by Jay Little (pseudonym for Clarence Lewis Miller) published in 1952* based in the confusing latter part of his teenage …

Маньяк, Записки из Интернета

Read by Федоров Олег

Куберский Игорь

Маньяк, Записки из Интернета Повесть "Маньяк" - это история безумца, черпающего свои эротические переживания в экстриме. Обычный …

Out of the Closet: A Collection of Early LGBTQ+ Fiction

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This is a collection of 22 LGBTQ+ stories published between 1841-1923, covering a wide span of authors, genres, and literary traditions. Som…

The Garden of Kama

Read by Newgatenovelist

Laurence Hope

Laurence Hope was the nom de plume of Adela Florence Nicolson, a British poet who wrote verses inspired by India, where she lived. This coll…

Die Lieder der Bilitis

Read by lorda

Pierre Louÿs

Der für seine feinsinnige Erotik bekannte Lyriker und Romanschriftsteller Pierre Louÿs ist durch eine kreative Übersetzung an…

Songs of Love and Life

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Zora Cross

Songs of Love and Life by Zora Cross was a phenomenon in the author's native Australia in 1917. The original privately-published edition qui…

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