Family & Relationships

The Egoist

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

George Meredith

The Egoist is a tragi-comical novel by George Meredith published in 1879. The novel recounts the story of self-absorbed Sir Willoughby Patte…

The Birds' Christmas Carol (version 2)

Read by Andrea Boltz

Kate Douglas Wiggin

Born on Christmas Day, little Carol Bird is a gentle soul who touches every life around her. Despite physical illness, Carol is loved by eve…

The Cinder Pond

Read by Betsie Bush

Carroll Watson Rankin

Years ago, a manufacturer built a great dock, jutting out from and then turning parallel to the shore of a northern Michigan town. The facto…

The Giant-Killer - or the Battle Which All Must Fight

Read by Lynne T

Charlotte Maria Tucker

Ten year old twins. Constantine and Adolphus are chagrined to be shipped off to a private tutor in the country. Their lot appears worse when…

Sons of the Covenant: A Tale of London Jewry

Read by Adrian Praetzellis

Samuel Gordon

Born in London's poverty-stricken and heavily Jewish East End, the Lipcott boys create their own successes in life and love. The brothers' c…

The Home-Maker

Read by Maria Kasper

Dorothy Canfield Fisher

The Knapp family seems as though they ought to be happy, yet hidden frustrations are tearing them apart under the surface. As the family bre…

Bunny Brown and his Sister Sue at Christmas Tree Cove

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Laura Lee Hope

Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue were featured in a series of 20 books for young children published by the Stratemeyer Syndicate from 1916-193…

Concerning Isabel Carnaby

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Ellen Thorneycroft Fowler and Edith Henrietta Fowler

Isabel Carnaby returns from India. She starts looking for a place in upper class British society. At the begining, people are sceptical of h…

Java Head

Read by Margaret Espaillat

Joseph Hergesheimer

Java Head is a novel of the American merchant marine at the beginning of the great clipper ship era. It is laid in Salem, when that city was…

Alice Dugdale

Read by Anthony Ogus

Anthony Trollope

An ordinary village girl's plans for the future with her long-standing beau are threatened when he is seen to be an attractive prospect by a…

Our Little English Cousin

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Blanche Mcmanus

This delightful little book is another in the "Our Little Cousin" series that offered American children insight into what their yo…

The White Elephant And Other Tales from Old India Retold

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Georgene Faulkner

This book is a collection of short stories from India. - Summary by sid

De Geschiedenis van Woutertje Pieterse

Read by Carola Janssen


Het verhaal gaat over een dromerige en poëtische Amsterdamse jongen, Wouter Pieterse, die opgroeit in een kleinburgerlijk milieu in de …

That Office Boy

Read by Maria Therese

Francis J. Finn and Francis J. Finn, S.J.

A new story by Father Finn! It will be glad news to many to learn that Father Finn has found time from his many duties to write a new story,…

The Haunted Room

Read by Esther ben Simonides

Charlotte Maria Tucker

Mr. Trevor inherits a piece of land in the country called Myst Court, and plans to move there with his three children: Emmie, Bruce, and Vib…

More About Pixie

Read by Judi Mason

Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey

Pixie is older, her world becomes wider. The stories of her sister Bridgie and her brother Jack emerge, and also that of an intriguing neigh…

Cradock Nowell Vol. 1

Read by Lynne T

Richard Doddridge Blackmore

Cradock Nowell: a Tale of the New Forest is a three-volume novel by R. D. Blackmore published in 1866. Set in the New Forest and in London, …

Living With Our Children: A Book of Little Essays for Mothers

Read by SweetHome

Clara Dillingham Pierson

This book is a collection of small essays to help parents better understand their children and offer help to parents in the task of raising …

Emily's Quest

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Lucy Maud Montgomery

This is the third and final book in the "Emily of New Moon" trilogy.This is the story of Emily Starr's uneven climb from success i…

Watch and Wait; The Young Fugitives

Read by Scarlett Martin

William Taylor Adams and Oliver Optic

One soft summer evening, when Woodville was crowned with the glory and beauty of the joyous season, three strangers presented themselves bef…

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