Fictional Biographies & Memoirs

Don Sebastian; or, The House of the Braganza: An Historical Romance, Volume 1

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Anna Maria Porter

Romantic history of the fictional Don Sebastian, which was suggested to the author by a plaque commemorating a mysterious "Portuguese s…

Kibun Daizin; or, From Shark-Boy to Merchant Prince

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Gensai Murai

This is the story of a brave, skillful and ambitious boy who sets out to become the wealthiest man of Japan. He succeeds in doing just that …

Het leven van Johannes Wouter Blommesteyn - deel 4

Read by Marcel Coenders

Adriaan Loosjes Pzn.

Na de beschrijving van de ideale Nederlandse man uit de 17de eeuw (Maurits Lijnslager) en de ideale Nederlandse vrouw uit het midden van de …

Rulers of Kings: A Novel

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Gertrude Atherton

When a child is born, its temperament and character are unknown. The effects of nature versus nurture, of heredity and of circumstance are a…

La punyalada. Novela Montanyenca

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Marian Vayreda

La novel·la narra l'enfrontament entre dos joves a l'Alta Garrotxa catalana de mitjans del segle XIX. El conflicte arrossega tota la …

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