Free Verse

The Iliad of Homer, Rendered into English Blank Verse

Read by Michael Armenta


"It must equally be considered a splendid performance; and for the present we have no hesitation in saying that it is by far the best r…

The Prophet

Read by Mark F. Smith

Kahlil Gibran

The prophet Al Mustafa, before leaving the city where he has been living twelve years, stops to address the people. They call out for his wo…

Prosas Profanas Y Otros Poemas

Read by KendalRigans

Rubén Darío

Prosas profanas, es una serie se poemas escrita por el gran Ruben Darío, estas prosas se encuentran entre sus obras mas conocidas.


Read by Cynthia Moyer

Alfred Noyes

Alfred Noyes, in the blank-verse epic "Drake", fictionalizes the historical Francis Drake, who, during the reign of Elizabeth I of…

The Black Riders and Other Lines

Read by T. Tilbe

Stephen Crane

A collection of enigmatic poems

純情小曲集 (Junjyoshokyokusyu)

Read by ekzemplaro

Sakutarō Hagiwara

萩原朔太郎の第4詩集です。文語調自由詩28編が収録されています。愛憐詩篇の18編は、作者が自由詩を始めた初期の作品です。郷土望景詩の10編は作者30代の時の作品で、前橋の風物を詠じています。口語自由詩を確立した作者の文語自由詩をお楽しみ下さい。 The author's four…

Prufrock and Other Observations

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

T. S. Eliot

Prufrock and Other Observations was published in 1917 in a print run of only 500 copies by Egoist Press in London. It features The Love Song…


Read by LibriVox Volunteers

T. S. Eliot

This collection of 24 contains some of T. S. Eliot's earlier work. This collection contains poems in English as well as some completely in …

Paulicea Desvairada

Read by Rachel Moraes

Mario De Andrade

Paulicea Desvairada – livro de Mário de Andrade, publicado em julho de 1922. A leitura de trechos deste livro foi um dos pontos altos…

My Little Book of Prayer

Read by KevinS

Muriel Strode

A number of what we might call epigrams concerning one's will, determination, spirituality, and other foci of interest. - Summary by KevinS

Semana de Arte Moderna de 1922 - Coletânea Centenário

Read by Rachel Moraes

Mario De Andrade

Esta “Semana de Arte Moderna 1922 - Coletânea Centenário” dá uma noção geral do que foi este “aconteciment…

Candle-Lightin' Time

Read by Denise Ray

Paul Laurence Dunbar

Poetry about African American Southern life - Summary by Denise Ray

The Black Riders and Other Lines (Version 2)

Read by Chuck Williamson

Stephen Crane

Written in a purgative frenzy of pure imagination (“They came, and I wrote them, that’s all”), Stephen Crane’s The Black Riders and Other Li…

Portugiesische Sonette, übertragen durch Hans Böhm

Read by lorda

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Die Gedichte sind mehrfach ins Deutsche übertragen worden, stets in Sonettform. Aber ist es möglich, diese Form beizubehalten, ohn…