The Honour of the Gout

Read by Alister

Philander Misaurus

This droll and 'enflammatory' pamphelet doth be a grondebreaking worke of musing upon a great aflicktion of Man, upon the better nature of t…

Plum Pudding (version 2)

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Christopher Morley

Christopher Morley: A modern humorist with the tang of an Elizabethan. Plum Pudding: Thus Mr. Morley entitles his new volume, in which he ha…

Behind The Mike 40 10 27 Stoogedom

Graham McNamee interviews Minerva Pious, the female stooge of the Fred Allen Show, who demonstrates the many voices she uses. Uncle Jim Hark…

Behind The Mike 41 05 18 Amusing Stories Behind Radio

Host Graham McNamee introduces the columnist Al Simon who has collected amusing stories about radio, and dramatizes some of his findings. So…

Captain Billy's Whiz Bang, Vol. 2, No. 20, May, 1921

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W. H. Fawcett

"Captain Billy's Whiz Bang" was an iconic magazine of wit and humor launched by W.H. Fawcett in 1919. Each 64-page issue was packe…

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