Literary Fiction

Евгений Онегин (Eugene Onegin)

Read by Xenium5

Alexander Pushkin

This novel in verses is an example of Russian classic literature. The plot tells about young nobleman moving to country from St. Petersburg,…


Read by John W. Michaels

Sinclair Lewis

Sinclair Lewis’ George F. Babbitt is a complicated and conflicted character. When you think you have his next move figured out he surprises …

Aventuras de Masín (Tom) Sawyer

Read by Victor Villarraza

Mark Twain

La vida en San Petersburgo, un pueblecito situado a orillas del Misisipi, al suroeste de Estados Unidos, es tan plácida que incluso p…

Agnes Grey (Version 3)

Read by Libby Gohn

Anne Brontë

Anne Bronte's semi-autobiographic novel about Agnes Grey, a young woman who becomes a governess to support her family, but finds her new car…

El Crimen del Padre Amaro

Read by Victor Villarraza

José Maria De Eça De Queirós

El crimen del padre Amaro (título original portugués O Crime do Padre Amaro: cenas da vida devota) es una novela del escritor …

Benito Cereno

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Herman Melville

On an island off the coast of Chile, Captain Amaso Delano, sailing an American sealer, sees the San Dominick, a Spanish slave ship, in obvio…

Die Reise nach Tilsit

Read by Karlsson

Hermann Sudermann

Ansas Balczus, Fischer und Hofbesitzer in Litauen, hat mit seiner Frau Indre eine eine gute und feine Frau, auf die er stolz sein kann. Aber…

Der Amokläufer

Read by Hawe

Stefan Zweig

Der Erzähler lernt auf einer Schiffsreise von Kalkutta nach Europa im Jahre 1912 einen Arzt kennen, der sich auf dem Schiff versteckt h…

Sanctuary (version 2)

Read by Elizabeth Klett

Edith Wharton

Edith Wharton's early novella focuses on Kate Orme, who begins the story happily in love with her fiance, only to discover that he hides a t…


Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Émile Zola

Fresque sociale qui décrit les conditions de vie des mineurs au XIXème siècle, Germinal est le treizième roman d…

Orgullo y Prejuicio (Vol 2)

Read by Victor Villarraza

Jane Austen

Orgullo y prejuicio (en inglés, Pride and Prejudice), publicada por primera vez el 28 de enero de 1813 como una obra anónima, …

The Prophet

Read by Mark F. Smith

Kahlil Gibran

The prophet Al Mustafa, before leaving the city where he has been living twelve years, stops to address the people. They call out for his wo…

Anthem (Version 4)

Read by Greg Giordano

Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand is best known for her classics Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead. One of her earlier works, Anthem, is a dystopian vision of a wo…

La metamorfosis

Read by Victor Villarraza

Franz Kafka

La metamorfosis (Die Verwandlung, en su título original en alemán) es una novela escrita por Franz Kafka en 1912. La historia …


Read by Felipe Vale da Silva

Joaquim Maria Machado De Assis

Helena é o terceiro romance de Machado de Assis e foi publicado entre agosto e novembro de 1876 como folhetim. O livro se inicia com …

Under Western Eyes

Read by Expatriate

Joseph Conrad

Under Western Eyes (1911) is a novel by Joseph Conrad. The novel takes place in St. Petersburg, Russia, and Geneva, Switzerland, and is vie…

Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit (version 2)

Read by Peter John Keeble

Charles Dickens

Martin Chuzzlewit was Dickens 6th novel, serially published in 1843 - 44. Irrespective of the fact that Dickens considered - "Chuzzlewi…

Bleak House (version 4)

Read by Peter John Keeble

Charles Dickens

Bleak house is one of Dickens finest achievements. It was written for serialisation in 1853 when Dickens was at the peak of his career. Mont…

Emma (French Version)

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Jane Austen

Emma, "belle, intelligente et riche" a une fâcheuse tendance a vouloir marier les autres. Ce qu'elle va d'abord faire pour s…

The Golden Bowl

Read by Lee Ann Howlett

Henry James

The Golden Bowl is a 1904 novel by Henry James. Set in England, this complex, intense study of marriage and adultery completes what some cri…

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