Performing Arts

The Theory of the Theatre, and Other Principles of Dramatic Criticism

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Clayton Hamilton

A collection of essays by American critic Clayton Hamilton concerning theatre & dramatic practices, and the criticism thereof, from an e…

The Art of Story-Telling, with nearly half a hundred stories

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Julia Darrow Cowles

In preparing this book the author has sought to awaken a keener perception and a higher appreciation of the artistic and ethical value of st…

Autobiography of an Actress; or Eight Years on the Stage

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Anna Cora Mowatt Ritchie

Anna Cora Mowatt was the author of the first Broadway comedy hit written by a woman. Her 1845 play “Fashion” is still performed today. She w…

The Voice and Public Speaking

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John Poole Sandlands

I write for public speakers. I wish to take them into my confidence. I feel I can do them good. My object is to help them to speak with grea…

My Actor-Husband

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In presenting this autobiography to the public, the author feels it incumbent upon herself to impress upon her readers the fidelity and stri…

Studies in Stagecraft

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Clayton Hamilton

A companion piece to Hamilton's earlier work, The Theory of the Theatre. Where that volume dealt with the criticism of dramatic art in gener…

Problems of the Playwright

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Clayton Hamilton

A third volume of essays by American critic Clayton Hamilton, published as a companion piece to The Theory of the Theatre & Studies in S…

Behind the Footlights

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Ethel Brilliana Tweedie

In this collection of essays the author gives us an opportunity to peek into the mysterious life of the theatre; she recalls her numerous co…

The Seven Lively Arts

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Gilbert Seldes

“... But, beside those great men, there is a certain number of artists who have a distinct faculty of their own by which they convey to us a…

Arthur Wing Pinero, Playwright - A Study

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Hamilton Fyfe

A discussion about the life and works of the playwright Arthur Wing Pinero. The perfect accompaniment to the plays by Pinero available here …

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