Published 1900 onward

The Valley of the Squinting Windows

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Brinsley Macnamara

The Valley of the Squinting Shadows was the author's first novel and proved controversial. In it, he tells a realistic tale of life in a sma…

The Mahatma and the Hare: A Dream Story

Read by John R Moore

H. Rider Haggard

Haggard's interest in spiritualism and reincarnation underlie this tale of life, death, and "working out [one's] destiny." - Summa…

Чортова кукла

Read by Hanna Ponomarenko

Зинаида Гиппиус

This book is not exactly a novel, as presented, but rather a sampler of characters of St. Petersburg of the early 20th century. However, as …

In diesem Erdenthal der Thränen

Read by Friedrich

Stanisław Przybyszewski

Erzählung über zwischenmenschliche Beziehungen, die menschliche Psyche im Allgemeinen sowie das Verhältnis des Menschen zur N…

Jeremy At Crale; His Friends, His Ambitions And His One Great Enemy

Read by David Wales

Hugh Walpole

This 1927 work is the third and final in Walpole’s Jeremy series. (The others are Jeremy and Jeremy And Hamlet.) Jeremy’s home is in Polches…

Избранные (Из жизни маленьких людей)

Read by Hanna Ponomarenko

שלום עליכם Sholem Aleichem

Ироничное повествование о том, как "маленькие люди" приезжают в большой город по случаю чрезвычайного происшествия в их местечке. …

A Town is Drowning

Read by Maurice Donegan

Frederik Pohl

TORN FROM TODAY'S HEADLINES This novel takes you right into the heart of the new flood country, the Northeast United States which had gener…

Els sots feréstecs

Read by Enric

Raimon Casellas

Els sots feréstecs (1901), de Raimon Casellas, és considerada la primera novel·la llarga modernista. Representa el frac…


Read by J. D. Zero

Edmond Privat

La "Librairie de l' Esperanto" en Parizo petis min, ke mi verku facilan legolibron por la lernantoj de kursoj aŭ la komencantoj, k…

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