The Cenci

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Percy Bysshe Shelley

Written in 1819, but not first staged for over hundred years after it was written due to controversial themes of incest and parricide, it wa…


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Jean Racine

Titus, emperor of Rome, wants to marry Berenice, queen of Palestine, but decides that Rome will not be able to handle having him marry a for…


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W. S. Gilbert

About as far from a rollicking Gilbert and Sullivan musical as you can get: this is Gilbert's tragic version of Goethe's Faust. - Summary …


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Joseph Addison

Joseph Addison is known mostly for his periodical, "The Spectator", written with his friend Richard Steele. But he found time to w…

The Gamester

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Edward Moore

The Gamester is Edward Moore's most famous work, and while it has fallen into relative obscurity in the last century, at the time it marked …


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Juliusz Słowacki

Balladyna mieszka wraz z siostrą, Aliną, oraz matką w chacie w lesie. Ich dni przemijają na pracy w polu, ale Balladyna chce więcej od życia…


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Thomas Noon Talfourd

This drama, set in Ancient Greece, was written by a Victorian lawyer who was a close friend of Charles Dickens. When collected into book for…


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Jean Racine

Racine's version of the time-honored story of Iphigenia was acted for the first time in 1674. The model upon which it is shaped is the "…


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Epes Sargent Iv

Inspired by the tale of El Cid, U.S. author Epes Sargent created this drama about a knight forced to conceal his true identity. The play de…


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Jean Racine

"The time to which this tragedy relates is much later than that of any other of Racine's historical plays. The capture of Babylon (or r…

Adrienne Lecouvreur

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Ernest Legouve

This drama was written in 1848 for the great French tragedienne, Rachel, by Eugene Scribe and his writing partner, Ernest Legouve. Scribe is…

The Perjur'd Husband, or The Adventures of Venice

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Susannah Centlivre and Susanna Centlivre

Centlivre's first play: a tragedy. Star-crossed lovers, one married and the other betrothed elsewhere. Secret letters gone astray, gender ch…

Gyges und sein Ring

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Friedrich Hebbel

In diesem Drama geht es um eine Männerfreundschaft, Liebe, Macht, Stolz, missbrauchtes Vertrauen, verlorene Ehre und Rache. - Summary b…


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Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Agamemnon is a verse tragedy of 1012 lines written by the Roman playwright Seneca the Younger in the 1st Century CE and based on the Greek L…

Un enemigo del pueblo

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Henrik Ibsen

El Doctor Stockman descubre que las aguas del balneario que va a crear riqueza en su pequeño pueblo están contaminadas y son v…

The Lords of Ellingham

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Henry Spicer

Although written in 1839, this Victorian-era drama contains the sort of extreme violence and lack of a firm moral compass that is usually as…

Pelléas and Mélisande

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Maurice Maeterlinck

Pelléas and Mélisande is a Symbolist play by the Belgian playwright and author Maurice Maeterlinck about the forbidden, doomed…

Ode To Joy

Michael Swartzentruber

This sermon was preached by Rev. Michael Swartzentruber on December 11th, 2011 at First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Richmond, …

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