The Border Riflemen

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Albert W. Aiken

In this dime novel set on the American frontier, we meet a beautiful young girl, Sadie, who is fending off advances from the rough woodsman,…

The Six Shooter 54 04 22 Johnny Springer

A hotel owner is robbed and murdered, but before he died, he said he thought it might be a man from a Wanted poster named John Springer, so …

Rustlers, Beware!

Read by Roger Melin

Arthur Chapman

Cattle rustling had gotten out of control in northern Wyoming, so Asa Swingley is tasked with assembling a host of men to tend to the matter…

The House Where We Were Wed

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Will Carleton

LibriVox volunteers bring you 8 recordings of The House Where We Were Wed by Will Carleton. This was the fortnightly poetry project for Augu…

The Lone Ranger 38 04 29 Train Wreck Plot

Snake Loughlin has plans to cause a train wreck so he can steal a shipment of gold.

The Six Shooter 54 01 17 The Silver Buckle

A pair of train robbers robbed and killed a passenger and made their getaway. Meanwhile Britt Ponset was awaken by two strangers c…

The Six Shooter 54 01 31 Trail To Sunset

While chopping some wood for a morning campfire, Brit catches an outlaw trying to steal his horse and shoots him. Brit insists on taking the…

The Six Shooter 53 12 20 Britt Ponsett's Christmas Carol

On a cold winter's night, Britt is seated by his campfire when a young boy rides up asking to warm his horse. The boy tells Britt he's runni…

Buffalo Bill's Ruse; Or, Won by Sheer Nerve

Read by Ares Sancho

Prentiss Ingraham

Three different fantastic adventures of the legendary scout Buffalo Bill. (Summary by Ares)

The Six Shooter 54 01 24 Helen Bricker

An outlaw is scheduled to be hanged, and the townsfolk intend to burn down the home of the outlaw's wife at the same time, unless Britt can …

Roy Rogers Show 48 09 19 The Ghost Town Men

A yearling's stolen from Roy's ranch and money was left to pay for it. The store is also broken into and money left for the groceries stolen…

The Roy Rogers Show 52 11 20 The Horse That Captured The Captor

The Sheriff's horse is stolen and Roy suspects a pair of truckers, and uses Trigger as bait.

Have Gun, Will Travel 59 03 08 The Monster On Moonridge

Paladin is hired by a man afraid for his daughter who keeps trying to return to a mountain were she once disappeared for a week. Paladin lea…

Have Gun, Will Travel 58 12 21 Hanging Cross

At Christmas time, a rancher kidnaps a Pawnee child he claims as his own son that had been kidnapped by Indians years before. The Pawnee Chi…

Have Gun, Will Travel 59 02 01 A Matter Of Ethics

Paladin is hired by a man charged with murder, to keep him from being lynched before he can make it to trial.

Have Gun, Will Travel 59 02 08 Killer's Widow

Paladin is hired to recover $30,000 stolen from a bank by an outlaw he was forced to kill 2 months before.

Have Gun, Will Travel 59 06 14 Bitter Wine

Paladin attempts to settle a dispute between a wine grower and a oil man before their feud becomes deadly.

Screen Director's Playhouse 49 08 05 Fort Apache

The Playhouse presents the radio version of Fort Apache, with Director John Ford, and stars John Wayne and Ward Bond.  Cochise has left…

Roy Rogers Show 52 02 01 Human Game

Roy and Dale join the sheriff in apprehending a gang of cattle rustlers. While taking the rustlers to jail, they hear a shot, and fearing th…

Roy Rogers Show 52 09 04 Smugglers Stampede

Roy brings to justice a gang of outlaws who are trying to retrieve stolen diamonds they've hidden in the hollowed out horn of a steer.

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