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Love & Its Historical Shades: Poetic Expressions of Love Based on Varying Time …

Read by Amr Ahmed

Carl Sandburg, Walt Whitman and Thomas Wyatt

The theme around these poems is how poets expressed their ideas of love as well as the type of language used to convey said love through poe…

Panel 1 | Preludes and Explanations What Did Mubarak Actually Do?: The Causes of…

In The Egyptian Revolution, One Year On

Read by Amr Osman


University of Oxford Podcasts


In Prisoner of the Mill

Read by Ahmed El-Sherif

Harry Hazelton

Subtitled "Captain Hayward's Body Guard”. An adventure story for boys.

The Life of MARY STANDFORD, a Pickpocket and Thief

In Lives Of The Most Remarkable Criminals Who have been Condemned and Executed for…

Read by Tasfia T Ahmed

Arthur L. Hayward

This is the second volume in this collection of reports and newspaper stories regarding notorious criminals and their punishment, assembled …