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War Letters From A Young Queenslander

Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)

Robert Marshall Allen

Letters from a Brisbane doctor posted to the Western Front from 1914 to December 1915. He tells anecdotes of World War I including stories o…

The Wishing Horse of Oz

Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)

Ruth Plumly Thompson

Magic wishing emeralds mysteriously arrive in the little kingdom of Skampavia. King Skamperoo immediately confiscates them and wishes to bec…

Bible (WEB) NT 11: Philippians

Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)

World English Bible

Paul's letter to the Philippians contains some of the most quoted passages of the pastoral letters, including "to live is Christ and to…

3 - Chapters 9-12

In Bible (KJV) NT 04: John

Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)

King James Version

The Gospel According to John, commonly referred to as the Gospel of John or simply John, is an account of the public ministry of Jesus. It b…

Message from the Deep Sea

In The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes, Vol. 1

Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)

Dr. John Jones Pitcairn and R Austin Freeman and R. Austin Freeman

The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes was a British TV series from the early 70s that dramatized stories written contemporaneously with the Sherlock…

27 - The Ugly Duckling (From the tale by Hans Christian Andersen)

In Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know

Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)

Hamilton Wright Mabie

This is a collection of well known fairy tales by various authors, including the Brothers Grimm, Charles Perrault and many others. (Summary …

3 - Chapters 7-9

In Bible (KJV) 21: Ecclesiastes

Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)

King James Version

The book of Ecclesiastes is a wonderful book. It tells how all man's doing is futile, if it is done in his own strength. The last two verses…

Clorinda's Gifts

In Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1905-1906

Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)

Lucy Maud Montgomery

Lucy Maud Montgomery was born at Clifton (now New London), Prince Edward Island, Canada, on November 30, 1874. She achieved international fa…

09 - Chapters 25-27

In Bible (KJV) 23: Isaiah

Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)

King James Version

The Book of Isaiah is one of the Major Prophets in the Old Testament. Jews and Christians consider the Book of Isaiah a part of their Biblic…

Chapter 15

In Agnes Grey (Dramatic Reading)

Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)

Anne Bronte and Anne Brontë

Agnes Grey is the daughter of a minister, whose family comes to financial ruin. Desperate to earn money to care for herself, she takes one o…


In Microphone Showdown 2

Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)

William Wordsworth

This is a project which will allow readers and listeners to compare the recording quality of a wide variety of recording devices. It is a se…

20 - Chapter 19 - Grace-The Sacraments-Original Sin-Baptism-Its Neccesity-Its …

In The Faith of Our Fathers

Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)

James Cardinal Gibbons and James Gibbons

The Faith of Our Fathers: A Plain Exposition and Vindication of the Church Founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ is a book published in 1876 by a…

Women as Inspirers and Collaborators in Science, Part 1

In Woman in Science

Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)

John Augustine Zahm

A history of woman's role in science through the ages and the many contributions she has made. (summary by Guero)

The Frog King, or Iron Henry

In Household Tales

Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)

Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm and Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

The complete Brothers Grimm stories, as translated directly from the German. Some of the stories will be familiar such as The Frog Prince, R…