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Astounding Stories 14, February 1931

Read by Bill Boerst

Captain S. P. Meek

This issue includes "Werewolves of War" by D. W. Hall, "The Tentacles from Below" by Anthony Gilmore, "The Black La…

Under the Witches' Moon

Read by Bill Boerst

Nathan Gallizier

The scene is Rome, 935 A.D. Thirty-year-old Tristan, dressed as a pilgrim, overhears a conversation between Basil, the Grand Chamberlain, an…


Read by Bill Boerst

Richard William Church

This investigation of Bacon the scholar and man of letters begins with a look at the early days and progresses to his relationships with Que…

The Life and Adventures of Venture

Read by Bill Boerst

Venture Smith

Venture Smith was an African captured as a child and transported to the American colonies to be sold as a slave. As an adult, he purchased h…

The Delafield Affair

Read by Bill Boerst

Florence Finch Kelly

New Mexico's hot, dry winds are taking their toll: cattle suffer long treks to get food and water. But it is not just a hard time for them. …

Aces Up

Read by Bill Boerst

Covington Clarke

A crack American flying troop has been sent to France, where they await further instructions. They are concerned that their extensive talent…

The Verbalist

Read by Bill Boerst

Alfred Ayres

Osmun arranges usage problems alphabetically and treats certain areas in greater detail as he sees fit. For example, his first entry is A-AN…

Life's Enthusiasms

Read by Bill Boerst

David Starr Jordan

The words in this essay on positive thought sing like those in Whitman's "Leaves of Grass." The author praises joyous living and r…

The Real Latin Quarter

Read by Bill Boerst

Frank Berkeley Smith

"Cocher, drive to the rue Falguière"--this in my best restaurant French.The man with the varnished hat shrugged his shoulde…

Night Watches

Read by Bill Boerst

W. W. Jacobs

A most popular Jacobs character, a night watchman along the English coast, remembers troubles his friends got into during shore leave. At le…

Aaron Trow

Read by Bill Boerst

Anthony Trollope

What is it like to be a fox hunted by hounds? We find out through the senses of an escaped convict as he struggles to free himself from woul…

The Dixie Book of Days

Read by Bill Boerst

Page Andrews

The author used a yearly calendar to focus on pieces written by Southern authors. Many of these writers are little known, having created for…

2 -- Chapter 2

In George Washington

Read by Bill Boerst

Calista McCabe Courtenay

In this biography for young people, Calista McCabe Courtenay takes the reader from George Washington the surveyor to his early military care…

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