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Part 2, Chapter 3: GRADATION

In The Emancipated

Read by Celine Major

George Gissing

In Italy, everything is possible. Or, at least, much more than in the oppressive social order of the Victorian era. A group of British expat…

Ch2: A Survey of Modern Education Part 2

In Spontaneous Activity in Education

Read by Celine Major

Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori saw that children gained a sense of satisfaction through doing work of their own choosing, and that the role of the adult w…

Ch. 1 The Temple - Part 1

In The Mysteries of Paris - Volume 3

Read by Celine Major

Eugène Sue

Rodolphe, who is really the Grand Duke of Gerolstein (a fictional kingdom of Germany) but is disguised as a Parisian worker. He can speak in…

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