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Discourses of Epictetus

Read by Christine Rottger


Philosophical discourses of Epictetus as recorded by his affectionate student, Arrian. One main precept expounded is that we do not fear eve…

Home Vegetable Gardening

Read by Christine Rottger

Fredrick Frye Rockwell

Either as hobby or a great economic help, home vegetable gardens are valued. With spare time limited, this book is a great aid to those who …

George Sand

Read by Christine Rottger

Bertha Thomas

A Victorian Novelist herself, Bertha Thomas presents a biography of the Life of George Sand - Summary by Christine Rottger

Eyes and No Eyes and Other Stories

Read by Christine Rottger

John Aikin, Anna Laetitia Barbauld, Jane Marcet and Jane Taylor

Whatever will stimulate the observing tendencies of the young cannot but be of value to them. "Eyes and No Eyes" does this in a de…

Murad the Unlucky and Other Tales

Read by Christine Rottger

Maria Edgeworth

A collection of short stories by this famous Irish author who spent her life writing for the advancement of humanity and to alleviate the …

THE FIRST DAY—From Miltzow to Lauterbach, part 1

In The Adventures of Elizabeth in Rügen

Read by Christine Rottger

Elizabeth Von Arnim

Elizabeth von Arnim, author of Vera and The Enchanted April, takes us on a novelized journey through the German island and vacation getaway …

1. The Emancipation of the Family. Part 3: The End of the Patriarchal System

In The Morality of Marriage and Other Essays on the Status and Destiny of Woman

Read by Christine Rottger

Mona Caird

In this series of essays, British feminist and novelist Mona Caird discusses marriage customs at various points in history, offers thoughtfu…

Selected excerpts by Susan Edmonstone Ferrier

In Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern, volume 14

Read by Christine Rottger


The Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern, is a work of enormous proportions. Setting out with the simple goal of offer…


In Reflections on the rise, progress, and probable consequences, of the present co…

Read by Christine Rottger

John Erskine

Several late pamphlets composed with much art and ability have painted the claims and conduct of the North Americans; and thereby, have not …

The Greeks

In The Story Of The World: A Simple History For Boys And Girls

Read by Christine Rottger

Elizabeth O'Neill

Dedicatory Letter. Dear Doris, I could not tell you all the things which have ever happened in the world, but I have tried to tell you short…

O Living Always, Always Dying

In Whispers of Heavenly Death

Read by Christine Rottger

Walt Whitman

"Whispers of Heavenly Death" is a short collection of poems within Walt Whitman's major work "Leaves of Grass".In these …

Publication 5: Ukraine, Poland, and Russia

In Friends of Ukraine Publications

Read by Christine Rottger

Serjij Sheluchin and Serjij Sheluchin

A number of publications distributed by the Friends of Ukraine in the period after the First World War when the Ukraine was struggling for i…

Chapter 4: Frantic Scheming

In Lords of the Stratosphere

Read by Christine Rottger

Arthur J. Burks

What if space flight were homegrown? Not subject to mandatory information release and press conferences. After one goes up and doesn't retur…