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True Stories of Crime from the District Attorney’s Office

Read by Colleen McMahon

Arthur Cheney Train

Former New York DA Arthur Train tells true crime stories from his time in office. - Summary by Colleen McMahon

Life of Charles Dickens

Read by Colleen McMahon

Sir Frank T. Marzials

Early biography of Charles Dickens published just 17 years after Dickens' death. Summary by Colleen McMahon

The Luck of the Dudley Grahams

Read by Colleen McMahon

Alice Calhoun Haines

The Luck of the Dudley Grahams is the story of the four Graham children and their recently widowed mother, trying to make ends meet by takin…

Kate Shelly

In Short Poetry Collection 183

Read by Colleen McMahon

Eugene J. Hall

This is a collection of 35 poems read in English by LibriVox volunteers for August 2018.

The Choice of a Boat by A.J. Kenealy

In Coffee Break Collection 028 - Hobbies

Read by Colleen McMahon

Arabella J. Kenealy and Ahmed John Kenealy

This is the 28th Coffee Break Collection, in which Librivox readers select and read stories or poems, fiction or non-fiction pieces of fifte…

I - The Significance of the Frontier in American History - Part 4

In The Frontier in American History

Read by Colleen McMahon

Frederick Jackson Turner

Frederick Jackson Turner was an extremely influential U.S. historian, who is best known for his "frontier thesis", which proposed …