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The Ghost Hunters

Read by Elsie Selwyn

Allen Upward

Mr. Hargreaves, during the course of his work as a real estate agent, encounters a variety of haunted properties. Why are the buildings haun…


Read by Elsie Selwyn

Henry Kuttner

"What nuclear war may do to the world we know is a closed book to mankind—but here’s what coming eras may bring!"After nuclear war…

History Of Egypt, Chaldea, Syria, Babylonia, and Assyria, Vol. 4

Read by Elsie Selwyn

Gaston Maspero

History Of Egypt, Chaldæa, Syria, Babylonia, and Assyria is the masterwork of one of the fathers of modern egyptology. This work, in t…

How Bessie Kept House

Read by Elsie Selwyn

Amanda Minnie Douglas

Bessie desperately wants to be trusted with taking care of the house alone, instead of being bossed by Cousin Jane, while her mother goes on…

The Peaceful Atom

Read by Elsie Selwyn

Bernice Kohn Hunt

In this children's science book from the early 1960s, the concept of atoms and the science behind them is introduced. The book recounts the …

Poems by a Slave

Read by Elsie Selwyn

George Moses Horton

This book of poems, published originally in 1829 and reprinted in 1837, was the second book written by George M. Horton. It addresses themes…

Israel and Hamas Conflict in Brief

Read by Elsie Selwyn

Jim Zanottiandjeremy M. Sharp

This short report, written for the Congressional Research Service with the aim of informing U.S. legislative debate, covers the Israel-Hamas…

Railroads from the Investor's View Point

Read by Elsie Selwyn

Federal Securities Corporation

This small booklet was written in 1921 as a guide for Americans interested in investing in railroad securities. The majority of the book is …

A Certain Rich Man—." By Lawrence Perry

In The Best Short Stories of 1917

Read by Elsie Selwyn


I deny that the American short story is at a low ebb, and I offer the present volume as a revelation of the best that is now being done in t…

Uncle Wiggily and the Watering Hose

In Uncle Wiggily's Airship: Bedtime Stories

Read by Elsie Selwyn

Howard R. Garis

"Uncle Wiggily Longears, the old gentleman rabbit, sat in his burrow-house reading the morning paper. It was after breakfast, on a nice…

Chapter 5 - The Human flea and other species

In The Flea

Read by Elsie Selwyn

Harold Russell

A scientific study on the life cycle, and functions of the common insect, the Flea.- Summary by Elijah