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On Melissus, Xenophanes, and Gorgias

In Opuscula

Read by Geoffrey Edwards


Opuscula is a collection of shorter books that may or may not have been written by Aristotle.1. On Colours2. On Things Heard3. Physiognomoni…

Bk 9 pt 1

In The Republic

Read by Geoffrey Edwards


The Republic is a Socratic dialogue by Plato, written in approximately 380 BC. It is one of the most influential works of philosophy and pol…

0 - Introduction and Preface

In Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus

Read by Geoffrey Edwards

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus is the only book-length philosophical work published by the Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein during h…

01 - Laches (Text 87-119)

In Laches

Read by Geoffrey Edwards

Plato (Πλάτων) and Plato

Laches (Λάχης) discusses examples of courage including weapons masters, soldiers who stand firm in battle, ferocious animals and the wise pe…

Chap. III A Parable Part 2

In Lotus Sutra

Read by Geoffrey Edwards

Unknowntranslated Byhendrik Kern

The Lotus Sutra is venerated by the Tiantai (天台), Huayan (華嚴), Pure Land (淨土宗), Chan (禪), Cheontae (천태종), Seon (선), Jogye (대한불교조계종), Taego (…

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